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  1. iNate

    Darth Nihilus

    Yes. It's a Jedi Academy mod, I mislabelled it by accident. Whoops
  2. iNate

    Nex Dark + Lighsaber

    Yes it is. All you've got to do is add it to the base folder and it should appear in the MD 2's character creation. Some mods dont work properly with others but most should just work like normal
  3. iNate

    Nex Dark + Lighsaber

    From the screenshots? They're just screenshots i took from me playing in Movie Duels 2 with the mod. Some are from the menu of that mod, some are from the actual game. I'm not sure if this is what you were talking about, if it wasn't let me know
  4. 259 downloads

    The first file is a remodel of haplash's Anakin Skywalker model with my own varients of Spanki's Sith apparel (I have modified it to make it darker). The second file is the lightsaber used by Nex. As you can tell, it's Haplash's Anakin lightsaber which i edited to make darker in some areas. If you wish to update or modify this file and re-release it, all I ask is that you INCLUDE ALL READMES PROVIDED IN THIS FILE. This mod will be updated and, when I think the new version is fit for release, I'll post the newer versions. The process has already started, as I've already compiled a version with a few updates including masks and hoods without robes. However these will take a while to release as I want them to be updated far more with far more options for customisation. Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. The second pk3 (saber_nex.pk3) will replace single hilt #2 in the SP JA game. This will overwrite, or be overwritten, by any additional saber replacements you might have already added. So keep this in mind should you find that it doesn't work.
  5. iNate

    Darth Nihilus


    This is a reskin of an old Nihilus skin by Pra Viilon. That skin doesn't actually inclue any textures aside from the face mask, so i decided to use (very) dark version of the Anakin Hapslash robes, torso, boots and gloves If you want to modify this file and release it, please include all Readme's (There are three as of this version)
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