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  1. You'd still need to re-work the diffuse to remove most (in some cases, all) of the simulated lighting, normal mapping will take care of it (if crazybump's/nDo2's settings are properly done). That, and the maps themselves will need to be re-built with new lighting.


    But do you really need to re-work the textures? I mean the lighting situation of the maps would stay similar, which may fit to the lighting already on the original 2d textures - which would get enhanced to look more realistic when using normal- specular- and parallax mapping, right?

    Either way it would still be a lot of work though.

  2. Meh, just do what I do and don't bother. Clearly some people need help, but there are a bunch of people waiting to jump down your throat if your feedback is even slightly not filled with rainbows and unicorns.



    I too think that criticism is part of all of our creative work. It is essential.


    Usually a mod is done for the players e.g. other people not yourself, so it is important to listen to their feedback even if it's bad. And that is not easy. It's difficult not to take things personally.


    I had a small "confrontation" with MoonDog some time ago concerning the Taspir pack of my mod. I hope that didn't leave a rift between us? I read throgh it again recently and it does semm I took things alittle bit personally back then. You definitely had a point with the scratches being overdone and looking somehow like threads. But that's the point of feedback and I'm always improving hings - in this case i focused on improving the way i edit the metal textures for the new levels of pack 0.3. And that's what I did from the start on always rethinking the way i improve the pack.

    Thank you for your honest feedback and criticism MoonDog.

    I definitely understand the point of those who say just simply uprezzing texture resolution doesn't really improve much - sure. But it does make the game look more "clear/crisp" and the drawbacks of the bad original resolution are reduced which makes the game more visually appealing in my opinion. I personally think that completely reworking every texture in high resolution from scratch is unnecessary and a lot of good useable working power "blown in the wind". That's why I replace textures which just simply look too unrealistic, and others i upscale while also adding a lot of detail through filters and overlay-procedures.


    I'm looking forward to the day some genius implements normal mapping in JKA - my pack ciould easily be converted to a Normal-map pack, there are some awesome programs like crazymbump or alternatives which really achieve awesome results converting 2d textures to normal maps.


    Also it would be totally awesome if we used our time for a more creative project than retexturing, but there's gotta be a start somewhere then :) I thoght a lot about adding the texture packs to re-modeled models with higher poly-count an better effects which would combine to a nice graphical overhaul pack.


    I'm definitely listening to what people have to say. So much great minds here.



  3. Oh, ok that's sad news but I surely understand, my time is currently very limited too. I'll probably do that and also implement some textures I already did for other projects, so I will continue my work on JKA and then shift to JKO.

  4. I agree. If we're really going to go all-out with this, an entire team of some of the best modders here should do this. I'm very bad at mod planning and given my lack of free time in real life there's no way I could be the head of this. 



    I think the key to something like this is dedication. I've learned this because of that Jedi Betrayal mod team. The mod is essentially dead, no one just wants to admit that, because no one actually did any work. It's been three years and they still haven't finished one level.


    Why don't we gather some people and set a goal to finish one level: the Kejim level. Even if we can't remake the whole thing at least we could release it just to show what could be done with a 12 year old engine.


    Oh and Syko I'm in. I think you missed my reply on Moddb. I will definitely help you with this texture mod. I'm quite comfortable with doing textures from scratch especially exterior stuff and rock and so on. I'm still not that good with metal but maybe you have a nice base i could use for these texture re-creations - some tips concerning filters/overlays and so on? I'm still finding out how to create realisitc metal textures without any lighting whatsoever applied from scratch.

  5. It's because the engine is old and they used a lot of stupid static limits for things. Lots of old games have weird problems and JKA's limits on vertices is fairly meaningful. They did it for consoles mostly. I've heard of weirder things in older games though (ie in San Andreas, anything higher than about 40 FPS breaks the swimming mechanics completely)


    Be grateful we have full source though, as Unreal doesn't. And it does suck to code for, trust me. You can't even fix those vertex issues in Unreal anyway.


    @DT no idea, sorry. Try looking online?


    Another good example is a quite old game named Zanzarah, maybe someone here knows it. The engine is so Frickin limited: No level is allowed to use more than 12 MB in textures and the egnine only supports 1024 by 768. I tried modding that game - textures of course. First I searched the whole web for a extractor and repacker working with that engine. after about a week of excessive searching I found a program written by a italian modder. So i tried to replace atexture and then i read about the level-size limitations. so I stopped and turned towards JKA ;)

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