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  1. Ultimate Outcast

    So here is my 'map pack' called ultimate outcast, which is not
    made in a simple way. It uses the original JO multiplayer maps,
    i modified them, so they're now full with opponents.
    You won't find a complete storyline, there is no connection
    between each map.
    I didn't use any weapon or npc modification, this is some kind
    of 'oldschool' mappack with the original jedi knight 2 atmosphere.
    There is no ending area in any of the levels, you just have to
    eliminate every enemy, which is in your sight, but i will give
    you some short objectives for every map.
    Thanks for Raven Software for the original maps. I only had one
    reason to create this, because the levels are fun to play this
    way also (:


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  2. Turquoise

    So.. these are my first real and released maps made with the jk2editor for this game.
    This mod has 2 normal levels and one testmap, all made completely by myself. They're
    random themed, i used quite strange design ideas inspired by abstract wallpapers and
    some weird dreams i had some time ago. They are made in some sort of ladder style,
    surviving waves and that stuff.. Fighting until it ends.
    I wanted to write a story for this and make it longer, but i'm not interested anymore
    in this theme, so i thought i'll finish them quickly and release. This is a final version,
    and there will be no updates (just a bugfix if necessarry, but it should work perfectly as
    it was planned). Have fun, slaughter all those remnant and sith guys there and write a
    review about what you've experienced! I have some experience with this kind of editor,
    but these are my first maps for this game made with the editor, consider that!
    Thanks for DarthStevenus for the lightning effect!


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  3. Obscure Garrison

    Obscure Garrison
    My first single player map for Jedi Academy made with GTKRadiant.
    - About 30 minutes of gameplay (not counting possible deaths )
    - Challenge with many enemies
    - Puzzles
    - Objectives
    - Custom npcs, graphics and models (most of them by other authors)
    - Pretty basic story without voice acting or cutscenes
    - 6 secrets
    - Jedi Academy 1.01 patch
    - A clean installation without any other mods in the base folder
    Story involves the jedi academy's student, who travelled to Rhen Var in order to investigate the believed to be abandoned outpost the remnant imperial troops used during the galactic civil war. The planet's history dates back to the ancient times, thousands-year old Jedi relics can be found throughout and it's the homeworld of the legendary Solari crystals. Without knowing how important this is going to be in the future, your character found the trail of the Disciples of Ragnos on the planet and tries to learn more before heading back to the Academy. It's an important day, new students are arriving to Yavin4, including Jaden Korr who built a lightsaber all by himself.. Something big is coming up soon.
    Enjoy, read the readme file for details.
    Alternative download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ctwzxzmpeo8t1z1/obscure_garrison_v1.rar


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  4. Clone Snowtrooper

    --Author: KiraImmortal
    --creation time: Some hours from 2 days
    Hey! This is my first skin/playermodel ever for this game, so it's pretty basic.
    I modified the original snowtrooper character to fit for these EPII clone armors
    made for "cold war". The whole modification is based on the Clone Wars series,
    especially s01e15 where these units appeared.
    Thanks for Lucasarts/Disney for the concept idea, and Raven Software for the
    snowtrooper model.
    This might be a nice addition to the 501st pack by Kualan.
    The pictures were taken in Prequel Conversion mod by Master_Ibonek.
    This pack contains:
    - 2 models, one basic snow-themed clone, and captain Rex's own commander armor.
    - 4 npcs, enemy and friendly versions for both.
    The codes for "npc spawn" are
    - clonetrooper_snow (uses repeater, as in most clone-wars based mods)
    - clonetrooper_snow_rex (uses blaster pistol)
    - clonetrooper_snow_evil (uses blaster)
    - clonetrooper_snow_rex_evil (uses dual blaster pistols)
    Feel free to change them/create more.
    - Multiplayer images for both models.
    This pack does NOT contain any new sounds (i use some imperial-trooper sounds),
    weapons or effects.
    simply copy the pk3 file into your gamedata/base folder
    uninstall is simple too, delete the previously copied pk3
    -I'm a beginner texturer, the thing is pretty basic, shapes are far from perfect!!
    -I wanted dual pistols for friendly Rex too, but the game did not allow that
    Thanks for downloading,
    KiraImmortal 29/05/2015


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  5. Ultimate Academy

    GreenTechB proudly presents: Jedi Knight JA - Ultimate Academy mod 2012 This mod features: - 10-14 hours of gameplay, depending on your skills. - 50 new modified conversion maps. - The best weapon, effect and sounds mods by other authors now together. - Musics from the first three Star Wars movies. - A modification of the famous Jedi Outcast mod, the Remnant Rocket Train! It's made in a more modern, Ultimate Academy way. Original idea by Rod MacLeod. - Many bonus maps, for example a bastion defence, where you can't fall because you die, you have to push back everyone who tries to take your place up there! - New hud designs, new loading screens for every map. and more... details in readme
    you can follow upcoming addons here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/ultimate-academy/addons


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