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  1. First of all, I don't really know where to put this topic (and I also usually don't post on forums) so excuse me if I'm in the wrong place, but I gotta ask and I hope nobody finds this offensive in any way... I've played JA from around 2006/07 for a few years and loved the game to death. However, I quit the game after so long literally because of the people. After a while I just couldn't bare with lamers, rude kids and in general those who come there to ruin other people's free time, pleasure and enjoyment anymore + the people who make these so called "rules" on their servers, but don't apply those rules to themselves. I came back to the game at the begining of this year, only to find out things got even worse with time. In NO WAY do I hold myself to be above others, I'm simply wondering are there ANY communities out there with somewhat serious, mature people who still play this game? I've got nothing against "kids" in terms of age, so don't get me wrong! I'm refering to mental maturity, to people who can socialize and play with others and be RESPECTFUL of them when they're being treated the same way. I myself respect EVERYONE and I'm also a very friendly person, I enjoy playing with others, especially the social aspect of it. I just wish there was even a small group of people who are the same way. I may however just be taking those things to heart a bit too much, who knows... Anyway, thanks...
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