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  1. Original Trilogy Saber Replacements

    If you are anything like me you will have noticed that the lightsabers that show up in both trilogies, Ben and Anakin's, are not consistent throughout. To use this mod you MUST have Circa's Saga Hilts Pack (I don't know how to link it). What this mod does is simply replaces the models for Anakin's episode 3 lightsaber with the one Luke is given and later shows up again in The Force Awakens, and Obi-Wans episode 3 lightsaber to match Ben's considering they are both supposed to be the same hilt. It also replaces Vader's I believe, not 100% sure if the original pack had the same Vader hilt model. In this I've included two versions, one with shaders and one without. The shaders are more consistent with the original hilt pack by Circa but the ones without shaders have a unique look that I also enjoy.
    Hapslash, Trauma Sensei, Broken Hope, Revan Dark, and Khaliban, Circa


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