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  1. I was able to shoot the 2nd henchman, which didn't cause a crash. I'm advancing in the story, hooray! Hopefully this info will help out some future development.
  2. It's the singleplayer client, not playing anything through MP, if that's what you meant. I've had a lot of crashes when clashing/hitting enemies in singleplayer. Would LOVE if someone was able to tell me how to track the crash to pinpoint the issue.
  3. In the Rosh fight in Singleplayer, there's the 2 henchmen that heal him. I killed one, but every time I near killing the other or even strike him--crash. It's saying OpenJK is crashing, but I don't know if this is a JA+ crash or what. Any way for me to find out what the problem is before the game crashes?
  4. Same thing happening here. I reverted to an earlier build and now the only saves working are back at the beginning. ;/ It's every time I fight a force user and I think me or him is taking damage, or clashing. On the train level I met the first red saber opponent who fell down low and as soon as we clashed, game crash. Then I got back to that point and fought for a very short amount of time and then went to go in to fight again, crash. I think it could be if there's a low angle strike from an opponent or damage being given/taken. Also the first game the first sith you meet after the stormtroopers, the game crashed when we crossed sabers and had to play past on a different client. Hope this helps, this game is amazing. edit: DIDNT HAVE JA+ properly installed I don't think. I reloaded the mod with a build with way more files than a JA++ downlaod I found, extracted. Now the train fight scene worked fine, game looks amazing.
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