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  1. Darth Grievous

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    There are two NPC spawn names, but both are the same model? I was hoping for four arms grevious with red lightsabers, red eyes and dark armor... like in the first pick... please, please do this, as a request, thank you.

    I went to do, the two npc is not one with cover is without ?, I remember to have put this

  2. Great model, but there's one glitch. You used the Rebels saber mod that was already on jkhub, but when you incorporated it into the mod it makes ALL the lightsabers in the game have a weird greenish glow around them. Please fix this, or just release the model without the Rebels lightsaber mod. Thanks. :)



    place in the maximum quality of the Jedi Academy that should fix
    in low quality the model does not appear I'm trying to fix this

  3. If I might ask, why do you use the old Kartoon Vader model for JK2 from 2003 instead of a newer model?


    I might use this in a JK2 SP project, as this skin work is definitely better than Kartoons.

    I like the kartoon model, you can use it, but give the credits to the original author and the authors of the content.

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