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  1. Jake vortex kai turner and enzo matrix

    well heres my new skins here we have enzo matrix who is actually the copy from season 4 and this is him as a adult and here we have my 2 ocs kai a chistori who is a jedi and jake a sprite who was also a guardian these are also reskins of han solo and desann and the prisoner skins so anyway they require the kanan jarrus lightsaber mod and jake's saber requires the obi wan episode 3 saber


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  2. dot matrix

    this is another reboot skin this is dot matrix i tried to delete the feather but it wont work anyway i reskined the tavion model and repainted some stuff and this is dot matrix when shes wearing this outfit in seasons 1 2 and 3 im making the command .com version of dot soon if someone can remake this model and get rid of the feathers anyway i hope you like this skin


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  3. rob

    im back with another fanmade skin this is some teenager named rob he is some new character i made and i added him in 2 videos it took me a while to make this skin and the sounds for this character has the freakout kid sounds because this kid is like mad at bob
    anyway enjoy this skin


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  4. young jake

    hey guys im back with another skin and this time i have a fanmade skin this is jake when he was younger he was only in my every day series the jedi randomness series on my youtube channel well this is him when he was younger before he got older fast in a episode later anyway you may be wondering why theres a belt that had no texture in it well i tried to remove it but i dont know how but anyway i would
    keep it on there like its his gun holder and its sliver or whatever it is it doesnt even matter but anyway this skin was a reskin of the han solo model and its my second skin it also have a npc
    and heres how to spawn it
    open console and type in
    npc spawn jake_young
    his lightsaber is green but when he gets older his saber is blue but you have to download the hs kenobi saber for it
    and i hope you enjoy this skin i hope you make a gameplay of it or something


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  5. kai (young)

    this is another fan character i made but he is from my jedi randomness series from youtube
    anyway about this kid
    the kids name is kai who is younger brother of one of my other fan characters lesann
    this is him before he got older after enzo got beaten and got teleported to another location along with jake and andrala when enzo set his icon to fake death and change location (witch is just something i did) and this was a reskin of the desann character but i made a change to kai's eyes because i think i like it when his eyes looked like that hes not all mean like the other same speices of his hes kinda like
    neutral anyway he also has a npc
    npc spawn kai_Young
    you have to open console to spawn it
    anyway i hope you like this skin i will upload the older version later


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  6. enzo matrix guardian

    this is my first skin to be uploaded even though im not that face at skining faces but thats the best i can do for that anyway this is the first reboot skin for download even though this isnt my first reboot skin i made i made a few others but i havent upload them yet but i will soon but anyway this skin is based on enzo matrix when he was a cedet in reboot season 3 and it also has a npc to spawn it open the console and type in npc spawn enzo_cedet even though he is not a jedi but he has a lightsaber anyway and its yellow but anyway i hope you like this skin if you want to reskin it thats fine


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