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  1. Hey Forum. How can I change the Name from a Bot, in Jedi Academy ? In Jedi Outcast is it easy. I can change the name under "botfiles" and "Scripts" But When I change in Jedi Academy, is the name changed. But Kyle Katarn is as standard bot and shows not my selected bot. What am I doing wrong ? German: Hey Forum. Wie kann ich den Botnamen in Jedi Academy ändern ? Bei Jedi Outcast ist es leicht, under "botfiles" und "Scripts" Wenn ich dies aber auch bei Jedi Academy mache, ist im Spiel immer Kyle Katarn der Standart Character und nicht mein ausgewählter bot. Was mache ich falsch ?
  2. For Multi and Singleplayer. Thank you so much. Do it give for NPC too ? I mean a command that NPC automatic do it.
  3. I'm watching in the animations.cfg and yes it is complicated, b'cause I'm not a Scripter and I don't know what I should do. I found this: FACE_SMILE FACE_TALK0 FACE_TALK1 FACE_TALK2 FACE_TALK3 FACE_TALK4 BOTH_TALK1 But how script this ?
  4. Hey Forum, I'm searching for "mouth or lips animations for SP Mode. I saw the "Character lip movements" Video, but the taunts are to fast and short for a own Video and some Character have different and strange movements, even If I use the Noclip cheat. So, what can I do for this ?
  5. This was my fault. I was in searching to the 2 names of the missing Menus, but the main background is in tga and not jpg. I used PhotoFiltre and this Program saves and open not all.
  6. I have kotf too. But when I freeze the npc and change the camera, so is the freezing off. By the CamSP stays the freezing. Good Screenshots or Videos are possible right now. Thanks
  7. ScaryNight


    A awesome Mod and the best is, to spawn Custom NPCs. Maybe can you add a Map list or to skip Missions. Thanks
  8. Not really because, some Menu are in blue yet.
  9. Hey Forum. On Jedi Outcast was it very easy to Change the Menu and icons but I don't know to change in Jedi Academy ? How can I change the Menu Color ? I want to have from Blue in Green.
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