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  1. This was done using engine hacks, there was no JK2 1.02 source code back then.
  2. Version XII (12)


    < NT > XII Client created by NTxC (reality~) This clientside works best with servers that have the < NT > XII Server Mod installed, but should also work with servers without it. Installation: Navigate to your jk2/GameData/ directory (jk2 is where you installed the game). Copy the ntxii folder from this package to the GameData directory so that in the end the path looks like this: jk2/GameData/ntxii/ Inside that folder you should have the ntxii.pk3 file, which is the actual clientside containing all the data needed to use it. That's it. You can now go to a server and play with the newly installed clientside or you can always load it manually by entering the Main Menu and going to Setup -> Mods -> pick "ntxii" from the list -> Load Mod. CUSTOM HUD: After first-time use on a server, a customhud.cfg file will be generated in the ntxii directory. Review it. You can use it in combination with nt_customHUD 1 to customize your HUD to a great extent, as you are now presented with the ability to move the HUD elements on your screen. WARNING: customhud.cfg isn't updated by the game, so you have to manually update and save it! CAN'T FIND DEMOS/SCREENSHOTS/CONFIGS? Watch out for the evil tactic of Windows which sometimes results in your game-generated data like demos, screenshots landing NOT in your jk2/GameData/ntxii/ folder as they normally should, but in: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\. That's where you will find the JK2-generated user data. A solution to counter this Windows behavior is to always run JK2MP.EXE with a right-click -> Run as administrator. You can also disable UAC (User Account Control). GAMMA BUG: if you can't set r_gamma to your likes, and/or you get a "SetDeviceGammaRamp failed." error, then right-click JK2MP.EXE, select Properties, change to the "Compatibility" tab and select Windows XP SP3 compatibility. Press OK and the gamma bug will then be fixed. Clientside features: - Crash fixes - Built-in JK2 minimizer (default: CTRL+Z and CTRL+SHIFT+Z, use cvars/settings menu to customize) - New gametypes (Double Domination, Hold the Point) - Random Model feature - Ignore feature - Integration with NT's Fix functions, such as admin commands - Ultra-fast HTTP pk3-downloading system - Ingame serverlist (made by Nerevar) - Optional mouse movement smoothing - Enabled console and key input during demo playback - Support for JK2 DeFraG - Accel-Meter which will help you strafe properly - Visual support for Client Zero serverside bugfix - Removal of the cg_fov 97 limit - Instant import of the old NT XI config file - Demos: you can now change the RECORDING caption into a little *REC caption or disable it completely - 52 new color codes for you to use freely! (use /colorguide) - custom HUD The clientside supports Windows XP SP2+, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Questions? Bugs? Contact: xfire: ntxc msn/e-mail: nontoxic_1@hotmail.com Copyright © NTxC 2011-2014 Visit the home page: http://jk2nt.cba.pl/ (now defunct) http://www.ntxc.pl/ THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. Accel-Meter code provided by Dzikie Weze
  3. Version XII (12)


    The < NT XII > serverside and clientside modification, created by NTxC for Jedi Outcast v1.02 enhances the experience of players and server administrators. It includes many server and client fixes and add-ons to the vanilla Jedi Outcast v1.02 multiplayer gameplay. Please read the readme file included in the ZIP for installation instructions and more. List of features and fixes: - Fixed: q3msgboom (vsay aaaa...) - Fixed: q3dirtrav (downloading e.g. server.cfg with sv_allowDownload 1) - Fixed: /say exploit (where the person can write as someone else without having to rename) - Fixed: Forcepowers crash - Fixed: Sentry/blaster crash (with Auto-Kick of the malicious players who try to do it!) - Fixed: Empty userinfo crash - Fixed: galak_mech crash - Fixed: g_dismember! Enable it to have dismemberment! - Fixed: Client0 bugs (weak saber, weak mines of client #0) - Added: New administration system: powerful and easy to use! - Added: Event logging - see who was on your server in just a few clicks! - Added: Anti-Userinfo-Flood - no more userinfo flooding or DFA bugging! - Added: MOTD - Message Of The Day displayed to the players connecting to the server! - Added: Built-in JK2 minimizer (Client feature) - Added: Random skin feature! - Added: Ignore feature! - Added: Integration of the clientside with serverside functions, such as admin commands! - Added: Ultra-fast HTTP pk3-downloading system! Download new maps in just a few seconds, without having to quit the game! - Added: Ingame serverlist! (made by Nerevar) (Client feature) - Added: Optional mouse movement smoothing! - Added: Enabled console and key input during demo playback! (Client feature) - Added: A new banlist which doesn't get cleared on server restarts! - Added: PK3 exclusion system to prevent your private server mods from being downloaded by clients! - Added: Extended name length limit to 35 shown characters and 122 in total (including color codes)! - Added: Pause Mode! Use nt_PauseGame 1 to freeze everyone in place! - Added: Optional Mine Bug Fix for server administrators! (you can now use nt_MineBugFix 1 to prevent people from getting 3 mines even if the previous owner had less) - Added: Accel-Meter which will help you strafe (hop) properly! (Client feature) - Added: Visual support for Client Zero serverside bugfix (Client feature) - Added: Removal of the cg_fov 97 limit (Client feature) - Added: Instant import of the old NT XI config file (Client feature) - Added: Demos: you can now change the RECORDING caption into a little *REC caption or disable it completely (Client feature) - Added: 52 completely NEW color codes for you to use freely! Color Guide Included! (Client feature) - Added: Custom HUD! 92 new client Cvars to customize your on-screen HUD. Review customhud.cfg in the ntxii directory! (Client feature) - New Serverside Cvars include: - nt_MOTD - nt_DisableVCommands - nt_LogEvents - nt_UserinfoChangeLimit - nt_ForbidModifiedMaps - nt_Banlist - nt_Fix_GalakMech - nt_Fix_ForcePowers - nt_Fix_Msgboom - nt_Fix_SayExploit - nt_Fix_Dirtrav - nt_Fix_SentryCrash - nt_ServerCaption - nt_ClientZeroMineFix - nt_ClientZeroSaberFix - nt_PauseGame - nt_DisableDuelWaitingPeriod - nt_AllowMultipleDuels - nt_AllowBlackInNames - nt_MineBugFix - nt_AdminSystem - nt_AdminLevel1Cmd - nt_AdminLevel2Cmd - nt_AdminLevel3Cmd - nt_AdminLevel4Cmd - nt_AdminLevel5Cmd - 109 New Clientside Cvars: - nt_accelMeter - nt_accelMeterScale - nt_accelMeterBlueLineScale - nt_DrawClock - nt_ClockType - nt_DrawSpeedometer - nt_DrawInputRing - nt_HighDpiMouseSupport - nt_Announcer - nt_ColorfulInputRing - nt_MinimizerEnabled - nt_MinimizerCombo - nt_MinimizerRestoreCombo - nt_SpeedometerUnits - nt_RecordingCaption - nt_dfAutoRecord - nt_customHUD - nt_HUD_ArmorX - nt_HUD_ArmorY - nt_HUD_ArmorCounterColor - nt_HUD_HealthX - nt_HUD_HealthY - nt_HUD_HealthCounterColor - nt_HUD_AmmoX - nt_HUD_AmmoY - nt_HUD_AmmoCounterColor - nt_HUD_ForceCounterX - nt_HUD_ForceCounterY - nt_HUD_ForceCounterColor - nt_HUD_LeftFrameX - nt_HUD_LeftFrameY - nt_HUD_LeftInnerX - nt_HUD_LeftInnerY - nt_HUD_LeftFrameWidth - nt_HUD_LeftFrameHeight - nt_HUD_LeftInnerWidth - nt_HUD_LeftInnerHeight - nt_HUD_RightFrameX - nt_HUD_RightFrameY - nt_HUD_RightInnerX - nt_HUD_RightInnerY - nt_HUD_RightFrameWidth - nt_HUD_RightFrameHeight - nt_HUD_RightInnerWidth - nt_HUD_RightInnerHeight - nt_HUD_SaberStyleFastX - nt_HUD_SaberStyleFastY - nt_HUD_SaberStyleMedX - nt_HUD_SaberStyleMedY - nt_HUD_SaberStyleStrongX - nt_HUD_SaberStyleStrongY - nt_HUD_SaberStyleFastWidth - nt_HUD_SaberStyleFastHeight - nt_HUD_SaberStyleMedWidth - nt_HUD_SaberStyleMedHeight - nt_HUD_SaberStyleStrongWidth - nt_HUD_SaberStyleStrongHeight - nt_HUD_ForcePowerTicsX - nt_HUD_ForcePowerTicsY - nt_HUD_AmmoTicsX - nt_HUD_AmmoTicsY - nt_HUD_TheirFlagX - nt_HUD_TheirFlagY - nt_HUD_TheirFlagWidth - nt_HUD_TheirFlagHeight - nt_HUD_OurFlagX - nt_HUD_OurFlagY - nt_HUD_OurFlagWidth - nt_HUD_OurFlagHeight - nt_HUD_LagometerX - nt_HUD_LagometerY - nt_HUD_ScoreTextX - nt_HUD_ScoreTextY - nt_HUD_PowerupX - nt_HUD_PowerupY - nt_HUD_PowerupWidth - nt_HUD_PowerupHeight - nt_HUD_DefragTimerX - nt_HUD_DefragTimerY - nt_HUD_DefragMaxX - nt_HUD_DefragMaxY - nt_HUD_DefragAvgX - nt_HUD_DefragAvgY - nt_HUD_OuterArmorX - nt_HUD_OuterArmorY - nt_HUD_OuterArmorWidth - nt_HUD_OuterArmorHeight - nt_HUD_InnerArmorX - nt_HUD_InnerArmorY - nt_HUD_InnerArmorWidth - nt_HUD_InnerArmorHeight - nt_HUD_OuterHealthX - nt_HUD_OuterHealthY - nt_HUD_OuterHealthWidth - nt_HUD_OuterHealthHeight - nt_HUD_HealthTicX - nt_HUD_HealthTicY - nt_HUD_HealthTicWidth - nt_HUD_HealthTicHeight - nt_HUD_ArmorTicX - nt_HUD_ArmorTicY - nt_HUD_ArmorTicWidth - nt_HUD_ArmorTicHeight - nt_HUD_SpeedometerX - nt_HUD_SpeedometerY - nt_HUD_ClockX - nt_HUD_ClockY - nt_HUD_InputRingX - nt_HUD_InputRingY
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