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  1. Pro⨉y

    Hey guys. Been a while since I've released a file. Been busy working on some hard to make guys. Here is one. I've watched some of you guys in the forums struggle to get a working model of this guy in game because of all the pieces, and I've wanted him for a long time, so I finally mustered up the courage to try it myself. Some parts are good, some are a little blocky, but he can spawn and doesn't have any issues I've found so far. So, I'm happy. If anyone wants to update the textures or apply some nice shaders, please do. I'm just excited to finally have this little guy in the game.
    I have a few different npc versions for you too:
    - npc spawn n_proxy (simple proxy that just stands around).
    - npc spawn proxy_maul (looks like proxy, but acts and sounds like Darth Maul.)
    - npc spawn proxy_obi (looks like proxy, but acts and sounds like Ep III Obi-Wan.)
    I would recommend replacing the lightsabers with the real Darth Maul and Obi-Wan saber hilts. I only didn't include them because I've had them so long that I didn't know who to credit for them. :/
    As for the model... I used pieces from:
    -Grevious - neomarz1
    -Bx Droid - Lervish
    -C3po (textures) - RJA
    -IG88 - LastWish
    ...and a few random in-game models for tiny pieces. So, thanks Raven.


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  2. Finn (EP 7)

    Hey guys. I've really enjoyed some of the EP7 models people have been posting, so I decided to help out. I used the EP5 Luke with the Mercenary Kyle jacket and some simple re-texturing and re-shaping. Hope you guys like it. I would recommend using the Episode 4 Luke saber if you make this guy in to an npc for yourself.


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  3. Naga Sadow

    This is my first mod/model release of the many, many hours and years I have spent editing and altering the amazing game that is Jedi Academy. I have a pretty decent sized stockpile of extended universe characters that I have made that I will be releasing soon as a thank you for all the mods and work of everyone else that has made my years with the game so damn addictive.
    To the mod: Here is my mod/interpretation of the ancient Sith Lord Naga Sadow. I didn't include the npc I've made because I have learned many players do tend to balance their experience differently and I tend to overpower enemies a bit. Mainly because once you learn the combat it's easy to get a few vital swings in. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it!
    Just drop the .pk3 inside the .zip into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base folder!
    Thanks to the original team for Marka Ragnos, who is highly altered, and Almightygir for parts from his Odin model.
    *I also included the .3ds model for anyone who wants to modify it, for ease. I am bored heavily by copyright and think it is silly, so credit or not, feel free to have fun with anything I ever release. This is all for fun by the people who care about itw. There is no money to be made and even if there was, that isn't why we all do this. Just keep being creative.
    **Issues: There is some small clipping during more dramatic animations of the cape, but it follows his legs pretty well. And his shoulders a little in overhand swings, but neither is really noticeable. Just saw it while watching the animations in ModView.


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