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[Announcement] Third Scrimmage Match - 1.3.0 Testing

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Jedi Knight Galaxies

Third Scrimmage Match - December 2017


It has been far too long. With the release of The Last Jedi, Star Wars season is upon us once more, and we have a new big update for you - 1.3.0. You can read all about it here. In order to make the patch go smoothly, we're going to do a public test of 1.3.0. Announcing the Third Scrimmage Match! With exciting changes like jetpacks, shields, consumable items, armor, and a new damage type system with complex interactions between these, you'll see new layers of strategy and verticality introduced. We hope to demonstrate these features and get your feedback on them.


During the scrimmage match we will play on the released maps on both Team Free For All and Capture the Flag modes.


How to sign up

See this thread. Be sure to read the directions at the beginning carefully and include all of the necessary information.


When is it?

The date will be determined based on when people are best available. We're going to try to shoot for having as many people on as possible.


What you'll need

There will be a Google Drive link posted for downloading when it's ready. If you're signed up for the scrimmage match, just wait for a notification on JKHub for the mention. You'll want to download that, as well as the Extra Maps Pack.


You do not need the current version of the game. The 1.3.0 patch will replace old content. All you need is a legal copy of Jedi Academy and everything listed above.


Looking to 2018

After the scrimmmage match, there will be a few features left to complete (custom ammo types, etc) and then we will release 1.3.0. There will be a few patches, but then we can focus on the thing you have all been waiting for...lightsabers.


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