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Physics engine

Lord Grievous

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On the same note as my previous topic, will OpenJK include a physics engine like Bullet for example:



I think it would be great to have a decent physics engine for these games, it doesn't have to be ultra real, something along the lines of the HL2 games is sufficient. But it would allow for some awesome force power effects, explosions, better vehicle support and physics puzzles.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but it definitively seems a question worth asking :P

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I'm certainly no expert on this, but isn't the whole point with these physics libraries that you can easily integrate them instead of building it all from scratch?


Although I understand that this certainly wouldn't be a cakewalk, and the team might be stretched thin to implement as it stands, but maybe this option could still be looked into when the project is more stable?


Also, I didn't know of the previous effort you mentioned, is there any hope of salvaging that work or was it a dead end?


Thanks for the quick reply :)

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I think Boothand summed it up perfectly. The whole point of OpenJK is to provide a stable base for people to work on, and an open sourced version of the game with bugs fixed. There's a few very minor development improvements but adding a physics engine is not only a huge undertaking (and it should be noted that there are barely any active maintainers on the project), it also affects many different systems and how they interact with each other which has the ability to introduce incompatibilities esp. with savegames and network connectivity. A physics engine is outside the scope of OpenJK.

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