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Backhand lightsabers


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It would be nice if there could be backhand lightsabers for Ahsoka Tano and Galen Marek/Starkiller and for custom characters too. However, I had seen Linken's videos, one with Galen Marek/Starkiller against Darth Vader, and another one with Ahsoka Tano against Darth Vader, and to be honest, those backhand lightsabers weren't in the videos at all. I know, there are mods for this but would it be possible to add them ?

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Allright, that's perfect, I appreciate this but also your work. I'm pretty excited for this mod. Also, good job for this and to be honest, you and Fire Phoenix have done well to bring back this mod.


Thank you.



In my opinion, a new, backhand saber style would be great. That way, you could use any saber and any character with a backhand saber style.


Actually to have a backhanded style would require an entirely new lightsaber model. While it is possible to do it solely with animation, it'd be a lot to animate.

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