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OpenJK + JA++ Crash


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I'm not sure if this is right, but I placed the OpenJK PK3 in the JA+ mod, as it said it worked better with OPENJK & I have the exe running and all good on that front.


Having the OpenJK PK3 fixed the duplicate bug that was there without it.


But, whenever I go in game and click the change lightsaber button, the game autocrashes.


I removed all mods, it still happens.


What have I done wrong? :)

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Oh alright, I thought for sure the do not park here sign was a bug :P


No, that's a thing JA+ does, because there are a lot of models/skins that do not show in the menu due to not having an icon. This is because they weren't meant to be chosen in MP, however they are still usable. JA+ removes the icon restriction, and for those models/skins that do not have icons, it shows that icon for them. Not sure why that symbol was chosen for it, since it means "do not" - they should have used a question mark or just a blank icon. :P

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