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Editing Lightsaber blade colours (Different variations)

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Okay, If anyone can help.. I'm looking to change (in this instance; *update*) the lightsaber colours, within the MD2 mod's assets, to be much more polished and closer to that of the movies. I guess a more accurate representation of the selected set colours;


- Blue

- Green

- Purple

Is this something to do with editing the files in the "gfx\effects\sabers" folder, found here?

Any help, would be welcome..

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Yes. You need to use an image editing program to change the color of them.


Though you might as well go look at the dozens of blade mods that were on JK3 files. Most of them claim to be movie-accurate. Go here and search for "blades" in the title box, and you'll see.



I personally like these the best:


But saber blades look slightly different depending on the film, which is why there are so many mods for it.
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