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Epic Challenge Mod II

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Epic Challenge Mod II is the second single-player mod based on action, adventure, platform, skill and ability to find secrets. It follow the first one in the graphisms, with more various environments and ennemies, and a better lightning and mapping in general.



The Story


Like the first one, ECM is based from an old platform adventure game. While the first one was based from Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos, ECM II is based from Rayman 2: The Great Escape. 


The story deals with the invasion of The Destroyer, a dark jedi who has retrieved Marka Ragnos's scepter and his minions, the Death Soldiers. Kyle must stop this new villain and to get to his secret lair, he must reunite 4 crystals, hidden in 4 majestic sanctuaries.


The story is a pretext to action and adventure. 



The Ennemies


With the Reborn and Stormtrooper/Rockettrooper from JKII, you will find new ennemies.


- The Dark Mercenaries: These black reborns with yellow lightsabers are those who follow The Destroyer because of his known richess. The legend says that in his flying ship, he got a pirate treasure so big that you can litteraly walk in.


The Death Soldiers:


They are soldiers with force abilities who are designed based from New Reborns from Jedi Academy. They are the troopers of The Destroyers and believe he is a God.


- The Prime Soldiers: Red and White with red lightsaber, they are sent in the begining, helped by the dark mercenaries to kick your ass... but they will fail, of course. They are weak and easy to beat, but less than the dark mercenaries.

- The Ice Shadows: Blue and Purple with blue lightsaber, they are specialized in dark areas for basic assassination. They also can survive in really low temperatures and they are more connected with the force if the ocean is not far from them.

- The Spirits Of Darkness: Green and Brown with green lightsaber, they are more force users and have better skills. Years of meditation in the nature give them a true connection with the force and the nature. 

- The Fire Razors: Yellow and Orange, they have yellow lightsaber and their skills with the weapon is far stronger. Deeply in the dark side of the Force, they are sent in the most unpracticables ways, like in the air or in the Fire and Lava Sanctuary.

- The Wise Masters: Black and Red, they have red lightsaber. They are the masters of the Death Soldiers, sent in the final case to destroy Kyle before he acces to The Destroyer's Ship.


The Shadow Troopers


Initially the minions of Desann, and after this of Darth Lawn (ECM I), those who have survived decided to work for The Destroyer as his guards.





In this one, secrets are randomly placed and allow you to find new maps. In you have all the secret maps, you can have a complete code to type in the console. Because in every secret map, you have part of the code. The only thing I have to tell is that at the end of the code, you must add " 90" after.






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