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[Released] JKGalaxies Patch 1.2.2

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This is the last patch until 1.3.0, which is on track to release in January.


The primary focus is getting the Mac version working, and fixing some stray bugs that were not addressed in the last patch. There are a few minor balance changes as well, but we've avoided making that many as 1.3.0 will intensely shake up the gameplay.


Bug Fixes

  • Mac version no longer requires SDL to be installed by the user - it's bundled in.
  • (Possibly) fixed a bug that caused thermal detonators to crash other clients (it still seems a bit random)
  • Fixed a server crash from clients without the map pack connecting to a server which was on a map pack map
  • You can no longer "claim" your own bounty or a teammate's bounty (You never could, it would just trigger the chat message)
  • You can no longer acquire bounties from killing teammates.
  • Fixed a potential divide-by-zero error in weapon indicators
  • Input is now processed before the logic, instead of afterwards. The most noticeable effect is smoother input at low FPS rates. (upstream OpenJK fix)
  • Fixed a potential divide-by-zero error in input code (upstream OpenJK fix)
  • Removed sv_blockJumpSelect
  • sv_autoDemo has been updated to match newest OpenJK settings.
  • Can no longer buy items from the shop while dead or a spectator
  • Removed legacy commands: gc and thedestroyer
  • Some commands which did not exist can no longer trigger the "Cannot use that while in intermission" text.
  • Fixed a potential exploit with some nefarious /say commands crashing the server.

New Features

  • Freeze and carbonite effects will now be seen on your first person gun.
  • Added a new cvar: jkg_killsPerBounty (number of kills required to trigger a bounty; 2 by default)
  • Security: Stateless challenge requests, for less potential of D/DOS. (upstream OpenJK fix)
  • New command processor on the server, including new commands:
butterfingers - drops the player's lightsaber
dismember - dismembers the player's joints
handcut - kills yourself and cuts off your hand in a dramatic fashion
headexplodey - does exactly what you think it does
holdme - body-dragging testing feature
knockmedown - knocks yourself down
loveandpeace - locking emote testing feature
pay - give someone else your credits
relax - ragdolls the player
wrists - does the same thing as handcut
All commands except pay require cheats to be active on the server.


  • Punching no longer drains stamina (5 -> 0), but requires 5 stamina to use (0 -> 5).
  • Stamina thresholds reduced for rolling and jumping (20 -> 15)
  • Kicking now requires 5 stamina to use (0 -> 5)
  • ELG-3A: "Charged" mode changed to "Stun"
  • Fixed a problem with E-11b Carbine and Rifle where it fired four shots at once in full-auto mode
  • Scoped DLT-19 got improved base accuracy for the Heavy blaster mode (18 -> 15)
  • Scoped DLT-19 got improved aim-down-sight accuracy for both firing modes (0.55 -> 0.35 for Heavy; 0.55 -> 0.45 for Light)
  • Scoped DLT-19 got increased damage (15 -> 18) in "Light" firing mode.
  • KYD-21: Renamed alternate firemode ("Sting" -> "Paralyzer Beam"), no change in effect
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