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Potential MoBA Style Changes [Idea]

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So beyond the current generic shop shooter we have in the current iteration, I want to discuss some possible objective based changes we could make to make Versus a little more interesting in the long term future.  So here's a few ideas.  Feel free to add your own or give feedback.  None of these ideas have been discussed much and it's certainly possible we won't implement any of them in favor of focusing on Coop instead...  Please note that this is just a loose list of ideas and I'm just looking for feedback of the community and other devs.



New Objectives (other then just shoot people)

These would be new gametypes that you can play in addition to the current team ffa match.  Some of these ideas may also simply be available in all gametypes.



Neutral NPC Camps

Larger maps will have sections in less used areas of the map, hopefully equal distance from either team base, in which neutral NPCs spawn.  These NPCs may guard valuable stores of credits or hard to get weapons or other useful items.  If you kill the enemy camp, these items will be your teams for the taking.  Be warned though, enemy camps are tough and will put up a fight, you will likely need several teammates working together to defeat them.  NPC Camps will not attack or engage you unless you attack first or get too close to them (they're very territorial).  NPCs that might be used for example would be a Tusken Raider camp or band of mercenaries.  It's also possible that instead of just killing them and getting some credits, you beat them into submission (when they die) and they then will join your team and help you complete your objectives for a small amount of time.  You will need to split your team's effort between contesting the NPC Camps and completing the objective.   If you or any other player is killed by an NPC Camp, an additional 10 seconds will be added to your next respawn timer (just once).


Assault (Base Capture)

Instead of just respawning from thin air, you will now respawn from a highly advanced cloning tube and so will your enemy.  In order to defeat the enemy and secure your team's goals you will need to eliminate the enemy team entirely and their method of respawning.  This will be difficult though because their spawning tubes are located in a heavily guarded base which is not only being defended fiercely, but also being upgraded.  Each team will have power generators which run their bases turrets and possibly other security systems.  These are located outside of base, but nearby.  You will need to first destroy these to disable the enemy turrets.  You can also then choose to either slice open the enemy security doors, or brute force your way through it by doing enough damage to the security doors to cut your way into the base.  Once inside you will need to destroy the cloning tubes and then hunt down the remaining team before they can rebuild them and restore their defenses.  Beware, the enemy may also choose to hire npc mercenaries to help protect their base or install additional turrets or barriers.  In this mode, you will have to choose between spending your hard earned credits with better weapons or upgrading your bases defenses/repairing them.  To simplify things, we could simply have turrets and other such defense items available for purchase from the shop vendors


Conquest (Capture a Point)

A circular point of interest is located somewhere near the middle of the map.  Both teams are attempting to capture this point.  Your team will need to stand on the point for at least 120 seconds and defend it to allow your reinforcements can be dropped off to finish securing the area.  If a teammate takes damage while standing in the capture point or an enemy player enters the capture point, the capture timer will freeze.  Each time you are killed your team's respawn timer will be increased.  (Begin at 5 seconds, increase by 5 seconds each death).  This means it will take longer and longer to get back to the capture point and secure it.  Once a team capture's the point, respawning will be disabled and 25 heavy shock npc troopers will arrive at the point and alongside the team players will hunt the remaining enemy team players to death securing the area.  (The team that failed to capture the point can still win by eliminating all the enemy players and the npcs, but this will be very difficult).


Escort VIP/ Assassinate VIP

One player from each team is randomly selected at the beginning of each match to be the VIP.  In addition to having twice as much HP as a normal player and getting one free high powered shield item, they will have $1000 extra bonus credits to spend.  Your goal is to safety escort the VIP to a checkpoint (usually located near the enemy base) first and hold the position for 10 seconds.  If you manage to do so, your escort ship will arrive and take you away to safety, denying the other team victory and securing the win.  If the VIP dies, after waiting for 60 seconds, the game will select a new random player on your team to become the VIP.  While your team is trying to escort their VIP to safety, they will also need to prevent the enemy VIP from reaching their goal.  Killing the enemy VIP will award everyone on your team an additional 500 credits.  Armor and shields are especially important in this mode as you need to prevent your VIP from getting sniped.


Gather Intel

30 Datapads have been scattered randomly throughout the map, each team needs to collect at least 20 before they can make an evaq request.  To make the request, at least 20 of the datapads need to be brought to the pick up zone (located near each team's spawn).  Reinforcements will arrive in a ship to evacuate your team one minute after gathering the datapads to the pick up zone.  Once you are picked up, orbital bombardment will begin targeting the enemy team destroying them securing your teams victory.  Datapads can normally just be walked on top of to be picked up, however if someone is carrying datapad(s), and they are killed you will need to loot their body to collect the datapads.  If you are killed in this mode you will not respawn, unless a team member brings a medkit to your location and uses it on your body.  If your entire team is killed, the other team will win.



Similar to assault.  9 weapons dealers have been scattered throughout the map.  For a small fee, you can convince them to join your team's side and provide discounted weapons.  If your team attacks a vendor, he will refuse to speak with your team for at least 1 minute.  You can earn credits only by killing other players.  To win you must destroy the enemy and their cloning tubes as in assault.  Additionally also scattered throughout the map are Datapads and Supply Caches, these will spawn at intervals throughout the match.  Bringing a supply cache back to your base (makes you walk at 1/2 speed and you cannot attack or use weapons while carrying one), will unlock new defense tech for your base as well as new vendor items.  Bringing datapads back will unlock new vendor items from weapons dealers if you sell them or if you collect at least 15, will allow your team to call in an orbital strike (killing the other team and providing suppressive fire across the entire map for 30 seconds).  If you die while carrying either of these items, either team can loot your corpse to collect the goods.


Blackmarket Dealers

Traveling vendors will appear for 2 minutes every 10 minutes of the match, near the center.  They will not trade with you if you shoot them or damage them.  They are carrying rare, but expensive items not available in either teams shop.  After 2 minutes, they will leave.

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