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AI Jedi/Sith combat system.

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A short video to show the current AI Jedi/Sith combat system.

Jedi and Sith will switch between (move forward and) attack, and (move back and) defend modes. The defender will pick a time to counter attack and switch roles.

Still very early in the code for this system, but it makes for some pretty good looking fights and behavior between saber wielders.


These are NPCs, but there is no difference in AI between NPCs and bots in Warzone. They all share the same code and use full map navigation.



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I don't care for the music, but the change seems to work pretty well, so far. I always found enemies a bit too easy to beat, to be honest. Especially Reborn's Raven really did give them poor combat mastery.


hehe its hard to please everyone with music. It's not the game music anyway, just some youtube free to use track.


The good news is the mod lets players play their own mp3's in game just by putting them in a directory and selecting custom in the menus (if they don't like the JKA tracks or the psychedelic trance tracks that come with the mod).

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