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Releasing my makermod scripts

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Hey. I released my scripts a while ago on the makermod forums but they were lost due to the forums going down.


I'm releasing them once again. Feel free to experiment / change / use them however you want.

I'd like to ask that you don't claim them as your own but meh. I can't stop you. Most people who know me from makermod will know they're mine anyway :3


The release contains many scripts that are either broken, unfinished or pretty much useless. I've also removed a few of the scripts which I don't want just anybody to have (for example, the havoc cannon which would just be hell if just anybody got their hands on the nuke function).


Most of the scripts are designed with makermodule in mind which you'll need. This can be found at http://gbdeveloping.co.uk/jedi-academy/makermodule.php


With that being said, have fun with it. You (might) even learn something about scripting from some of the scripts.


Download Link: http://gbdeveloping.co.uk/zip/makermod-scripts.zip

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Well the scripts are specific to makermod so I didn't see any point in releasing them as a file.

I asked Didz to release makermodule on JKHub and he said he didn't want it released on here but still said that I could put makermodule on my website and give it to people who needed it :3

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