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New JK2 Weapons: T-21 Blaster Rifle and Stouker Concussion Rifle

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So I'm beginning to think that there should be two new weapons, that way each ammo type has 3 weapons which use that weapon.


So here are the new weapons I have in mind (won't be available in first release):


- T21 Blaster: Heavy, single-shot primary fire with rapid fire secondary. They are carried by Scout Troopers who are first seen on Artus Detention and later on Cairn Bay. Uses Blaster Pack ammo.


- Stouker Concussion Rifle: Heavy assault cannon which uses metallic bolt ammo. It uses less ammo than its JA equivalent but functions similar to the BFG in Doom. Primary Fire can be charged up to travel farther. It's not carried by any enemy naturally, but it may be picked up by them. Can only be found in a few secret areas, and also on Doomgiver Detention Block.

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