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An update for JK2:E

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So apparently I made a huge mistake and merged a branch ('jk2hd') incorrectly with what was supposed to be the branch for JK2:E ('JKEnhanced'). I didn't notice this until I decided to look back over the code.


The correct code should be located on an external hard drive that I've got in my closet. Also that external hard drive should have the asset files for the project. However there is one problem - the hard drive fell and suffered some damage (not recently - that's why it's in the closet!). It won't be read by any machine because it has some hardware issues that I'm not currently sure of.


The good news is that I sent the hard drive to a reasonably reliable source to get it repaired, so I should know more soon. I will keep you all posted.




tl;dr - hard drive with code and assets for JK2 version of this mod died

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So I actually found a .zip with a compiled version of the game, and luckily I named the file the same name as the git hash, so I was able to find a relatively recent-ish backup of the code on github. All is not lost!

I did lose quite a bit of progress with the lost map though. However I've been working diligently and I think I have a new, better idea where I want to take the map. More news to follow - maybe there will be a release soon.

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Guest Redemption

:D I don't know how you do it, hats of to you like. The only reason I haven't went into full-modding mode with Outcast is due to the state, the game is in (well last time I checked that is) and the fact I don't understand the format. You seem to be the only one at this restoration though, to me you're like Obi-wan aboard the Falcon and I'm that guy ... "there's no mystical-energy field that controls my destiny" I can't grasp the way this game is coded, with all the if statements and the other mumbo-jumbo :( Jeez, I take a look at asgarath's coding for adding another force power and I crash...

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