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[Ideas] Versus Discussion - Map Balance

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So now that I've rewritten all of the item code, the time has come to discuss (properly) what items are going to go on what maps.

Currently we have these maps:


Spaceport (Imperials vs Black Sun)


Jawa Fortress (Jawas vs Tusken Raiders)

Does this map work?


Lower Coruscant (Imperials vs Black Sun)



Tatooine Arena (Red vs Blue)

This map should have pretty much balanced. It's an arena setting. All weapons available?


Nightfall (???? vs ????)

We need to figure out what we're going to do about this map. The shops aren't that well-placed currently.


Bespin Exhaust Shafts (Ugnaughts vs Bespin Cops)

10-15 total picks

  • Basic Weapons (weight = 10): Advanced Trandoshan Pistol (Ugnaughts only, weight 4); Trandoshan Pistol (Ugnaughts only, weight 4); FWG-5 Flechette Pistol (Both teams, weight 6); Bryar Pistol (Cops only, weight 4); DE-10 Snub Pistol (Cops only, weight 2);
  • Intermediate Weapons (weight = 10): E-11 Carbine (both teams, weight 8); LT-60 Slugthrower Carbine (both teams, weight 10); ACP Array Gun (Ugnaughts only, weight 5); Bryar Rifle (Cops only, weight 5); Heavy Bowcaster (Ugnaughts only, weight 4); Double Barrel Array Gun (Cops only, weight 2)
  • Heavy Weapons (weight = 8): Pulse Cannon (Cops only, weight 10), T-21 Repeater (Cops only, weight 8); Packered Mortar Gun (Ugnaughts only, weight 10); Class E Thermal Detonators (Ugnaughts only, weight 2)
  • Equipment (weight = 6): Bacta Canister (both teams, weight 20); Seeker Drone (both teams, weight 5); Cryoban Grenade (both teams, weight 4); Code-Key Grenade (both teams, weight 15), Mk 1 Trip Mines (both teams, weight 12)
  • Armor (weight = 10): ...to be included when damage types are done


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