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[Explanation] Weapon Visual Update

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As some of you are aware, some of the older weapons in JKG such as the DL-18, L8 Striker, "A"200 ACP Battle Rifle, etc. Have fairly low sided cylinders and even in some cases really bad optimization (the battle rifle is a big time culprit).


While these weapons are still high quality, they aren't quite up to par compared to most other weapons in JKG, and in an environment where there are copious amounts of on-screen effects and other people using these weapons there is no room for unoptimized models.


The process for updating these weapons is three-fold:

  1. Increase the amount of sides on cylinders that sit against the environment as they will stick out the most, especially if you can see the full silhouette of the shape.
  2. Make weapons sustainable, a term coined by BlasTech when referring to objects that clip through each other instead of creating unnecessary amounts of triangles, especially when dealing with cylinders stacked on top of one another.
  3. Make weapons animation-friendly in preparation for first person animations, this includes making fully rendered clips instead of textured on or pieces that would normally be out of view being culled.


The first weapon on my list was the DL-18, as it is the default starting pistol in JKG and is one of the first things you will see every time you start a match of JKG: Versus


Old model on the left, new model on the right




Other weapons on my VU List include the Bowcasters, DE-10 Pistol, DXR-6 Heavy Carbine, Pulse Cannon and W-90 Concussion Rifle. There are other weapons to do as well, but those are the ones that immediately stuck out in my memory.


Additionally, I may take the time to make PBR Textures in preparation for Rend2 by @@Xycaleth, but my priority is currently focused on the three objectives stated above.

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So looking at pre-production screenshots from The Empire Strikes back, the W-90 Concussion Rifle uses the same prop (or at least same base MG-34) as the DLT-19, I've simply taken the DLT-19 and created a separate weapon for it. To keep some differentiation I've kept the same color scheme and ammo indicators as the original W-90 Concussion Rifle in JKG. In the future I may come back to this weapon at a later date to give it some more variation on the original model... for now it's basically the same as the movie prop (except for the aforementioned coloration and ammo indicator).




Note the color of the original magazine, that still uses the same texture as the DLT-19




Currently the old W-90 will still exist within the JKG files but will almost certainly be removed at a later time.

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