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Too many models!


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Hey, so I downloaded OpenJK and JA++ files. Installed them according to isntruction, and launched the game. Now, when I go to "Profile", the pre-made character list has a ton of new skins (mainly movie characters and aliens in Jedi tunics and robes). Now, one issue is that they're missing icons (instead I get question-mark icons); another issue is that some of them are missing textures, or have invisible heads, and so on. Is there a way to remove these excessive skins, because I have other skins I want to use and I'm afraid they'll be cancelling each other out, not to mention that one of these skins crashes the game outright.

Also, I didn't understand what I needed to download for JA++ - "Client" or "Server", so I downloaded them both. Could that be a reason?

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ui_showMissingSkins 0

It's an attempt to make skins with missing icons selectable (e.g. jawa, prisoner/merchant) - but not all skins are meant to be used by players :)

aye, I checked it again, turns out I had a pack of robed characters installed, and that's what was causing the 'excess'...silly me :rolleyes:

as to the vanilla characters missing icons, I don't mind, it's good having them available, though the mutant rancor is too much :D

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I believe JA++ (or was it OpenJK's uix86.dll?) has a practically unlimited amount. The limit is not related to the engine but the UI portion of the modcode.

Will this be fixed in a future JA++ release? I mean, to show all the Player Models and such in the model list both on the main menu and in-game.

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