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Where "сore powers" increased?

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Hello, people) I am new in OpenJK and in English, so I'm sorry for any mistakes)

There are "core powers" in SP. After the "tier" they are increased by 1 automatically. For example, was a FORCE PUSH 1, became FORCE PUSH 2. I want to cancel it, but I can't find the right place in the code where the "core powers" are increasing.

Help me please)

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If you're referring to the increase in Force levels after completing a level, you'll want to change the icarus scripts, not the game code.

These can be found in the Jedi Academy SDK, which can be edited by Crimson Editor, or something similar.


yavin1b Force powers (Saber ranks count) = scripts/yavin1/player_setup.icarus


yavin2 = scripts/tutorial/tut_start.icarus


t2 levels = scripts/academy3/give_neutral_level2.icarus


t3 levels = scripts/academy5/give_neutral_level3.icarus

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