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@@Cerez proposed the idea of doing a pack of animated chat icons, based on the same system than this pack : https://jkhub.org/files/file/2671-c-chat-icon-pack/

Here is the topic where you can give ideas and pictures.


I will be honest : I am not good with drawing tools (Gimp, ...). I just cut the picture of Circa into several parts with paint.net and I worked on the shader files.

If you zoom in the pictures, you will see it is approximative. However, I started making several animated chat icons.


Actually, the pack will contains :


- chat_icon_Ahsoka : animated chat icon of the scene Ahsoka leave the Jedi Temple
           made for @@Cerez, to thank him for helping me with Linux

- chat_icon_bb8_art : rolling art BB8

- chat_icon_bb8_sand : rolling BB8 on sand

- chat_icon_C_1.pk3 : animated C chat icon, based on the animated shader of Ruxith and SiLink
            from Clan FJA and Circa (icon)

- chat_icon_C_2.pk3 : animated C chat icon using a rotation, based on the shader file of "Arcane Weapons Pack" from Dyyor
              from Clan FJA and Circa (icon)

- chat_icon_C_3.pk3 : animated C chat icon using an alternative rotation
            from Clan FJA and Circa (icon)

- chat_icon_loading.pk3 : animated loading icon with 4 points

- chat_icon_movie_imperialship : use a cutscene of JKA with an imperial ship as a chat icon !

- chat_icon_movie_introjka : use the introduction cutscene of JKA as a chat icon !

- chat_icon_movie_ojpbattles : use the main video of the mod "OpenJediProject" as a chat icon.
            the video is from OJP Team (video) (http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=542) (opensource)

- chat_icon_movie_ravensclaw : use a cutscene with the Raven's Claw as a chat icon !

- chat_icon_movie_spacebattle : use the last cutscene of JKA as a chat icon !

- chat_icon_razor : animated icon of the picture of Raz0r, fightning Godzilla with lasers and flames. Naaaah :P , he just doesn't give a fuck.
            made for @@Raz0r, to thank him for helping me with Linux

- chat_icon_windows : the animated loading icon of Windows 10. Be careful, the icon is not very stable and can crash.

- chat_icon_woof : animated wolf icon with flames
            from Clan FJA and @@eezstreet (icon)



And here, a spoiler of the chat_icon_bb8_sand :




Yeah, a gif would be better.

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