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Warzone Test Builds

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Well we now have test builds on our github for people to test things out.
This is just to play around with and see what we are working on. Expect bugs and incomplete stuff as we are not even in an alpha release yet.
Github page is here: https://github.com/Stoiss/WZassets
Setup Instructions are here: https://github.com/Stoiss/WZassets/blob/master/INSTALL-HOWTO.txt

Discord channel is: https://discord.gg/SMGN62R
IRC channel is: #warzone on irc.arloria.net (same server #jacoders is on)
You can download the asset git repository as a zip, or via a git client if you know how. Git is recommended to save downloading the whole repo again for updates.
I will update builds from time to time. No specific schedule. The test builds will be release but with debug info for those capable of debugging issues. They should run at close to release build speeds.
See my previous video post to adjust foliage settings to match your computer's abilities.
If you have any interest in helping us out, we will accept help from just about anyone. We have a lot to do and too few resources.
The plan at the moment is to get the project to a point (where we have added a lot of generic and graphical features) that other people can base their mods on. Once we get to that point we will branch and start work on the MMO components.

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