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Problem with bindings for "kp_slash" and "kp_star"


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I make machinima-esque videos with Jedi Academy on occasion.  To create a more cinematic camera (for lack of a better term), I use the command "cg_thirdpersonvertoffset" to lower the camera to a more reasonable height for "filming".


On a map with cheats enabled, I used to use the keys "kp_slash" and "kp_star" to switch between the default camera height (16), and the lowered camera height (-12).  In OpenJK, with the commands still bound to their respective keys, nothing happens.  Num Lock doesn't change anything.  The rest of the "kp_" keys appear to work fine.


Since "cg_thirdpersonvertoffset" requires cheats to be enabled to be changed, doing the same thing on a map with cheats disabled reveals that "kp_slash" is treated as the same key as "slash", while "kp_star" still doesn't do anything.


The issue appears to be the keys, not the commands.  I can change the vertical offset by typing out the command in the console without any trouble.


I primarily "film" in singleplayer, but the issue is also present in multiplayer.  I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.

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I always remember the slash and * binds on the numpad mapping to the regular verisons in JAMP.  And this looks unchanged code wise.  It's treated as the same keynum value as * but only bind * works and bind / works.  I think the issue may have to do with the character value mapping to the incorrect character maybe?  It maps to the literal unicode multiplication × sign rather than * for KP_STAR U+00D7 isn't the same as the ASCII *.


https://github.com/jedis/jediacademy/blob/master/codemp/client/cl_keys.cpp#L245 claims to still be the case in base too.  So I'm not sure where the issue actually lies here or if behavior did actually change.  Could be SDL handling of characters too which may be externally blocked if this is a problem.

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