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FM3RE v1.00 Posted! - v1.01 planned for release soon...


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Hello friends & fellow sith,


If anyone is looking for something new to play, you should check out FM3RE v1.00 (ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor)!


Available on JKHub here:




For additional information regarding FM3RE, my clan (VHRG), or ForceMod III in general, feel free to visit our website @ http://phrgempire.com/


I would also like to mention that FM3RE v1.01 is planned for release soon, if anyone has any constructive criticism for the v1.00 release, and would like to play a hand in FM3RE v1.01, then now is the best time to give FM3RE v1.00 a shot and let me know what you think  :sun:


You can communicate with me here on this post or at VHRG's Forum @ http://s10.zetaboards.com/PHRG_Empire/index/


I would love for my fellow sith here at JKHub to give FM3RE a shot, I'm sure you will all have a blast with it  :)


Please let me know what you guys think and as always... may the force be with you all,


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FM3RE v1.01 will include many of the modifications requested by the community here at JKHub and is planned for release by 1/11.

Soon I know haha :D  but I'd rather get it out there while I'm still on break here.


v1.01 modifications include:

  - I've cleaned out all thumbs.db files as well as any other unnecessary files that I'm currently aware of
  - Updated splash image (VHRG)
  - Updated default fm3server.cfg
  - Updated character sounds
  - New orange saber blade color effect (fiery orange) which looks superb with the Kylo Ren saber
  - Improved Kylo Ren saber to better resemble its appearance in Ep.VII
  - Added zSWTORCursor
  - Added DC-15A Clone Rifle in place of Imperial Heavy Repeater
  - New Repeater weapon effects & sounds (to better resemble the Clone Rifle effects in Ep.III)
  - Updated strings to reflect new modifications
  - Updated player model icons
  - New Luke Ep.IV team blue/red characters : (Blue&Red=Dagobah Training Luke)
  - New Luke Ep.V team blue/red characters : (Blue=Hoth Luke / Red=Pilot Luke)
  - Added Enhanced Default Kyle Katarn (JKII - JKIII) as a playable character
  - Kyle Katarn Character Improvements : (Blue=DF2 Kyle / Red=MOTS Kyle / Default=JKII Kyle Variant)
  - Yun's saber from DF2 has replaced the Kane saber
  - Updated the Warden personality botfile (no longer uses force lightning, uses saber throw)
  - Added a Cardinal personality botfile (uses force lightning, no saber throw)
  - Added Kyle Katarn DF2 bot (is also a team blue character) : Warden
  - Added Kyle Katarn MOTS bot (is also a team red character) : Cardinal
  - Added Luke Ep.V bot : Warden
  - Added Mara Jade Emp. Hand bot : Cardinal
  - Added Mara Jade MOTS bot (is also a team blue character) : Warden
  - Added Kyle Katarn JKII bot : Sentinel
  - Added Yoda Ep.III bot: Aurorian (w/saber throw)
  - Removed Luke Ep.IV Bot : Warden
  - Removed Luke Ep.V(Pilot) Bot : Warden
  - Removed Qui-Gon Jinn Bot : Aurorian
  - Removed Rosh Penin Bot : Sentinel
  - Removed phrg_warrior player model from FM3assets.pk3
  - Reduced all .ini file sizes
  - Updated readme follows


It's good to see you again Jeff, may the force be with you.



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Apparently I don't have permission to use the link provided.

Apologies for this, the download link for FM3RE v1.00 at JKHub will be re-established shortly.


I was considering updating the information on the download page for the mod (to reflect my clan's transition from PHRG to VHRG) and while I did end up deciding against the change, I had made the mistake in saving changes.


Which means that the download link for FM3RE is pending re-approval from an admin at JKHub.


I apologize again for the inconvenience here, the problem should be fixed shortly.


In the mean time you can still download FM3RE v1.00 here:




I hope you still have the patience to download the module, I'm sure you would enjoy it  :winkthumb:


May the force be with you,



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Thank you for clearing that up, I managed to find a link on your site but no server was active.

No problem at all!


Sorry you were unable to find a server. While my clan (VHRG) does run a server part-time, which is fun because it makes it easier for us to play a few matches with each other now and then, we also have the downside of it only being up part-time.


Hopefully FM3's popularity rises a bit and people start putting up their own servers but who knows at this point. The game is getting kind of old now haha  :lol:


I'm putting more effort into creating challenging bots for players to face off against in the case of there being no servers up, which I understand is sort of like a band-aid on the problem but it's really all I can do from a developer's standpoint.


Hopefully people enjoy the mod enough to throw up their servers again, gotta keep positive I suppose  :winkthumb:


Anyways I hope your enjoying FM3RE and I'll check into why the mod is still pending re-approval  :huh:


May the force be with you,



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I said before that FM3RE was planned for release by 1/11, but I still need a bit more time I think.


So, unfortunately I'm going to delay release until the 14th.


The extra time will help a bunch, I hope everyone enjoys v1.00 until then  :sun:


May the force be with you all,



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Sorry to keep you waiting my friends, ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor v1.01 has finally arrived.


I've already uploaded FM3RE v1.01 to JKHub so now it's just pending approval.


You can still download v1.01 before its approval here however, here is a link to the page where you can attain FM3RE v1.01:




Thanks for you guys' continued support, I really appreciate it!


Have a great week JKIII Community and may the force be with you all,



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If anyone has any trouble downloading from JKHub, please feel free to download at the link provided above.


I recently updated the FM3RE download page here @ JKHub and am waiting approval.


I hope anyone who has downloaded already is enjoying the module  :winkthumb:



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If anyone has had the chance to try out FM3RE v1.01 yet, please leave a review and/or star rating on the download page here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/2554-forcemod-iii-return-of-the-emperor/ 


I would love to read your comments and suggestions, just please be honest haha  :D 


I'm thinking that for a v1.02 release I'll be adding about 12 bots to round it up to 75 (same number that was offered in Av3).

So far, I have added 2 Sentinel bots and 3 Crypt Guardians, I think that everyone will be happy with my choices (Darth Bane is one of them).

So that leaves us with 7 open bot slots. I'm thinking of adding Royal Guard back in as a bot choice (4 bots) and Gungans (2 bots). 

I figure that somebody out there would like to slay 15 Jar Jars haha

If these selections are alright with everyone then that would still leave me with one open bot slot to make it an even 75.

I'm sure I could think of something  :sun:

If anyone has any suggestions for bots (for any class) or any other modifications/additions please let me know.

Everything is fair game for the v1.02 release, lets make this our best yet my friends.

May the force be with you all,


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Just out of curiosity, why was the JKHub link for 1.01 removed?

Hi Commander Awesome, glad to hear from you again! Apologies for not replying back to your comment sooner.


The link for v1.01 was removed from JKHub primarily because of concerns regarding permissions.


Though I do my best to give full credit for all files used, there is much more that goes into it than just that. Especially considering that I am bringing together so many modules for FM3RE.


To sum it up, it was basically removed because of policy and though this may seem like bad news, and perhaps it is, I hold no ill will against JKHub. It is the staff's job to make sure that every file that gets approved meets policy, and unfortunately I just don't have the time or energy to go through the entire permissions process considering the large number of developer content used.


I could definitely elaborate further on what exactly happened, but I'm about to put up a post advertising FM3RE v1.02 where I will go into more detail regarding what happened there.


The good news is that FM3RE, as is such with all FM3 modules developed by the VHRG Empire, will continue to be available for download, for free, on my website to be enjoyed by the community.


We should definitely keep in touch and stay tuned for that upcoming post!


May the force be with you,



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