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Changing Npc List in my mod

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Hi everyone. I'd like to know how to make a little thing in my mod. I have a NPC list currently in use. I'd want to change it while I am in game, by clicking a button in the menu. I know it is possible to write in the menu file this: exec  "exec newlist.cfg" - it works, but it changes only the list while I haven't the new list's npcs working on my game. I tried adding all the pk3 files of the npcs, but the game ignores them. What should I do ? Please help me, I need a lot to do this because of issues of convenience in using my mod. I know it is possible, just don't know how to do. Thanks in advance :D

I think you need to put another parameter, because some small edit like NPC or shaders change in real time, the gasme read the new entry only if you make a reload of the map. :\ so you need a command that make a quick save, autoload the quicksave and refresh the game, with a fast reloading of the map level you are playing.

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