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Forcefield problem


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Hey again guys (and girls). So here's another weird one for you.
I have this forcefield set up in one place, to act as the door to a prison cell, and whenever you look at it from certain perspectives, the view "clips" in a way, and goes berserk - kind of like when you look through a caulked surface, into the void of the map. Now, I thought I had rectified it, by removing some caulked surfaces it was touching, as well as making sure the entire brush was fitted with the forcefield texture, which seemed to be doing the trick in one test compile - but then, when I did another compile, the problem was suddenly back, even though I hadn't changed a thing about anything near the forcefield (only added some other stuff to the room, not even in view of it).
So what is causing this problem, and how may I get rid of it?
Thanks  :)




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Make sure to use nodraw_solid (or is that just nodraw?) on the sides instead of caulk and ensure the force field Shader has the proper surfaceparms (look at common/env_glass for reference maybe).


Also learn about the vis system; if you don't understand what's wrong here and didn't think to try making it a detail brush you probably need more of those in your map.

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The nodraw thing seemed to work perfectly! Thanks a lot for the speedy reply!  :)


Also, I am currently using detail brushes (about 60-70% of my map consists of detail brushes at the moment), but honestly, it's one of those things I do because I remember doing it ten years ago when I last mapped, not because I have any clue what it actually does, aside from reducing compile times!  :D  :P

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