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Find airkills

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Would it be possible to create a feature (like in the Quake Live demo tools) that allows you to jump to (or search for) certain kind of frags, like airfrags or frags that were done with a specific weapon? Doing fragmovies in Quake Live became pretty easy because these tools make it super easy to find good kills.

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It currently has only this:

/find direct

it will fast-forward your demo (~2x speed) until the first direct shot (airs are direct shots), then pauses it.


I was thinking to add more options to seek for but dunno what people need. Actual suggestions are adviced.


Jumping to certain events requires some kind of caching. It's doable, but requires some effort. I am not interested in it right now.

Also, I've added in-game demo cutter. I think it's a good feature that will help too. It will come in the next release.

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Didn't know that "find direct" command, that's pretty cool. Is there a command to jump to the next kill and/or would it be a lot of work to (based on that command) make it possible to jump to the next airkill?

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Oh suz, I have a CTFer mind. Sounds not2hard2add. So you want it fast-forward until next kill happened in air?

This would be pretty cool. Fast-forward with timescale 1000 until the next (air)kill with a saber happens. That's what I personally had in mind.

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This new command is awesome but it would be great if it was possible to give the find command a speed parameter like /find airkill 50 or if you could use the speed command even if you used the find command (if you do that atm it only fast-forwards the sound)

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Repeating for the third time:

Jumping to certain events requires some kind of caching. It's doable, but requires some effort. I am not interested in it right now.

Stop asking for it, please, it started annoying. We know wolfcam is the best etc.


speed and find are independant, find has its own speed.

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key words:
s - snapshot with unique server time and bunch of events that we seek for
t - time that we count to move demo forward a bit

regular playback
all snapshots/events catched

find command playback
all snapshots/events catched

higher speed playback
1 missed snapshot/event

even more higher speed playback
   |          |
2 missed snapshots/events

You risk to miss some events. Especially it affects demos that recorded on servers with big value of sv_fps.
But do whatever you want, I personally won't release something like this.
That map above is not very precise but it's enough to explain what I mean.

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Thanks for the explanation. I'm aware that playing with that value can cause bad results but as long as I don't increase it too much (100 is okay, 200 is not) it works and that's what matters for me. But I understand that you wouldn't want to release it like that.

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