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I want to play Jedi Knight 2 on Linux, so I compiled OpenJK from git with success,

I obtained this executables files and placed them in the gamedata folder.


openjk.x86_64 --> error message:


ERROR: Couldn't find any player classes for Siege
VM_Create: uix86_64.so succeeded
recursive error after: Couldn't find any player classes for Siege


Perrhaps this executable is for Jedi Academy only?


openjkded.x86_64 --> server seems to work ok
openjk_sp.x86_64 --> JK2 single player, work but the text menus are not viewable
openjo_sp.x86_64 --> JK2 single player, work but the screen is too dark


Perrhaps I did something wrong, so my question are:

Is it possible today to play Jedi Knight 2 with OpenJK?

What are the difference between openjk.x86_64, openjk_sp.x86_64 and openjo_sp.x86_64?


Thank you for your help :)

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You can only play Jedi Outcast Single player with "openjo_sp"


OpenJK does NOT support Multiplayer of Outcast for the foreseeable future, and if it ever does it will likely not be compatible with original mods.


"openjk" is Jedi Academy MP."

"openjkded" is Jedi Academy MP Dedicated Server

"openjk_sp" is Jedi Academy SP.


This information is in the readme: https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/blob/master/README.md#jedi-outcast-support

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