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WARNING: No Weather Zones Encountered

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Hello! I'm of the impression that I haven't been doing this correctly if I'm still getting the error in my console whenever I load the map I'm working on. To isolate where I want the rain, I've had an fx_rain inside each brush coated with the system/outside texture in my .map. This seems to do what I want in game. So my question is, how do I stop the console from displaying that message, what am I not doing that I should be?


Thanks for all help in advance!  :)

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You should only have one fx_rain entity, and it can be anywhere in your map.


You need to encompass the entire bounds of your 'outside' brushes with one big 'weather zone' brush (textures/system/weatherzone). Make sure all the 'outside' brushes are within the weather zone (leave at least a 16-wide padding), and be sure to make it a misc_weather_zone brush entity.


The weather zone is optional, but it's used to reduce load times.




/*QUAKED misc_weather_zone (0 .5 .8) ?

Determines a region to check for weather contents - (optional, used to reduce load times)

Place surrounding your inside/outside brushes. It will not check for weather contents outside of these zones.





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