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any way to alter the console opening keystroke?


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hey, so im experiencing a few troubles opening the console in openjk, due to the character being ^ to open it


anytime i open it the character is put into the textbox so if i per say wanted to amempower it results in being âmempower, so i first have to put a space -> remove the circumflex -> write again, which is quite a hassle

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So I've got a friend from Germany, he's also having and issue related to this...


ensiform, your response is helpful but we're having problems removing the cl_consoleKeys bind. When he sets it to...well anything, it retains the default value as well.  We also tried going into jampconfig (the one for japlus because we're running japlus) and removing the binds for "toggleconsole" as well so that he could just use shift+esc, but this also failed.


The problem is that the `~ key on his German keyboard has the ^ key. With the bind no longer requiring shift using OpenJK, this ^ key is now opening the console, which makes it impossible to enter color codes in the profile fields or chat. Any ideas? He's using Windows7, and something about SDL2 and Windows was mentioned in your response, so idk if that has anything to do with it or not. I don't see any other Euros posting about this, so maybe it's specific to the German keyboard layout? In any event, any way to remove the bind entirely?

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You do know that jampconfig is not used, right?  It's openjk.cfg.  Shift+Escape always works, regardless.  I realize that, shift unfortunately cannot be added via the cl_consoleKeys file.  Removing the line from the config uses default you must explicitly set it like set cl_consoleKeys "" with quotes or else it does nothing iirc.

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Ah!  Alt key, perfect. That's the easiest answer. Thanks!


Also, yeah I am aware that things in OpenJK mod are not in jampconfig but rather in openjk.cfg, but the server is running japlus, so I assumed the japlus folder's jampconfig binds would override it once he loaded the mod with fs_game. Guess not. I'll mention both solutions to him. Thanks!

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No, OpenJK is not a mod in the context you're using. jampconfig and jampserver are completely unreferenced when using OpenJK.  It only (also) becomes a mod if you use the openjk pk3 in the OpenJK folder or in base folder as such its just a replacement with fixes for base.

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Right, so I hate to be a bother again, but where exactly is this openjk.cfg located?  I can't find it anywhere.


Also, the ALT+tilde trick doesn't work from chatbox at all. SInce we're a RPing clan we kinda need our Euro members to be able to type colored text into the chat box. I tried it myself on the newest build and all I can do is when I'm already in the console, I can hold ALT + tilde and nothing happens, rather than it closing the console.


This is not ideal. Is perhaps maybe the reason that they chose to force you to use shift+tilde for the fact that some Euro keyboards have the ^ key on tilde which is used for colored text?  Maybe this wasn't a good change for the sake of making it "consistent" with certain other games?  It's making it difficult for one of our most active members to actually run his game through Steam with the benefits of all of OpenJK's bug fixes like the rest of us simply because he can't do a standard game function that he needs to properly participate in our community.


I'm sure if we could locate this openjk.cfg and change the bind that'd be swell. Doing it from console doesn't work and I can't locate this file anywhere?

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Check your My Games folder in user documents. The game writes here and has for the last 3 years now because of program files folder issues, and it allows multiple use profiles to have separate configurations, plus will be saved with modern Windows versions.

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Ah....thank you much.  That's why I couldn't find it. I was expecting it to be in the game's hierarchy.  :)  Sorry for being a bother about it, as I said. I tried finding info but I'm kinda new to using OpenJK and couldn't find the documentation because I'm lazy.  :D

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The new build will have an updated version of SDL which handles the ^ key properly on German keyboards.


I tried it out and you can type ^ in chat without problems now and without the console opening. The only remaining issue is that you can't open or close the console with that key at all :P A workaround I've found is to press Alt Gr and + (as if to type a ~). I'm not sure how people feel about this workaround though.

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