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  1. Hey Noodle, Thank you for the reply. I thought those were seperate caps, the default one actually seems to cap correctly, torso_cap_l_arm_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga l_hand_cap_l_arm_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga l_arm_cap_l_hand_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga l_arm_cap_torso_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga I thought those caps correlated to the caps without the robe. One set of caps on hooded and robed show, the other shows the blank square. It's very strange. I can see textures on other dismembered models no problem. Cheers, Daniel
  2. Once I'm back next week I'll give this a fair shot. It may take some time though as I'll likely have to do a lot of shader and specular work to make it look like power armor.
  3. Update: The effects work perfectly in OpenJK, but not jamp
  4. Hello all and thank you for reading, I'm having two different issues here with some things I've made. The first is a modded version of the Ultimate Weapons Effects that I've tried to crop down and adjust slightly for myself and some friends. Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiPVNwXCVcKPjHvJwBuFHf0KnAhX For myself this displays perfectly; However for my friend it displays as so; I cannot figure out what would cause this despite making extra adjustments. The second query is related to my personal skin; https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiPVNwXCVcKPjHlAMBbExFEUihLW On the model_default the caps work perfectly, and there is no issue, however on the model_robed and model_hooded versions when arms are severed there's a second cap appearance that displays as a missing texture square, it returns no missing image error in the console yet still appears and I cannot figure out how to remove it. Help for both these issues would be really appreciated. Thanks and best, Daniel
  5. Hello all, Firstly thank you for reading. If you don't want too many details but want to check it out;​, ​cotl.jk3.in, ​council.jk3.in ×Council of the Lost is a relatively new Jedi Academy server. The basis of the server is a throwback to times gone by in the Jedi Academy community. # general info - The aim is to allow for a place where people can have fun. - Force is enabled and there is also a custom map rotation. - It's not a server specifically for saber fighting, but instead a mix of activities. - The saber settings are a mix of base-esque settings and saber realism. # community info There is a small but growing Discord Community for the server. You can find further information, help and even make requests for the server there. There's also a whole lot of stuff to download. You want a custom map or saber to play with? We'll probably add it. The following maps are currently on the server; Alzoc 3 Enclave, Ambiguity, Arevass, Arrevanous 7 V2, Blade Runner, BlueIce Nightfall, Diamond Pit, Eden V2, Element of Chaos V2, FFA Sky Temple, Frozen Temple, Gulf of Souls, Korriban Academy, KOTOR Dantooine Enclave, Mace Oasis Temple, Meesaja Duel, NeoTokyo, Onossia V1, Onphagus, Requiem Sanctuary, Rising, Starkiller Base, The Academy V3, TMU SubMetro, Water Metropolis, Yavin 4 Temple 1 # server rules - Laming is permitted as long as respect is observed when you are asked to stop.- The admin is always right, no exceptions. Show respect, get respect.- You can request map changes and npc spawns, within reason. You will get a yes or a no.- ×Council of the Lost is not a clan server, it's a group of exiles and renegades looking for some nostalgia. # staff info - Currently seeking moderators for both the Discord and the JK3 Server.- Be sensible, peace loving and not power hungry.- Interest will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  6. Hello all and thank you for your replies. I do indeed have a version of the "Physical" Soul Reaver blade. It is a copy with textures extracted from Soul Reaver 2. Regarding the "Wraith" reaver, the version that Marcdaniel had submitted those many years ago was simply a bunch of shader effects, it was in fact green and it was the only one that mimicked the look quite well. I suppose I'd say if a new version was indeed to be made I would be looking for something that represented the 'final' version more: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120928193445/legacyofkain/images/thumb/6/66/Def-Inventory-SpiritReaver.PNG/500px-Def-Inventory-SpiritReaver.PNG
  7. Hello all, this was never posted on Filefront as far as I know, but it once existed and has since been lost in time. Perhaps someone has some idea of someone who may have it available for me to get. This is where it was originally https://web.archive.org/web/20080625230801/http://www.force-temple.com/jk3/index.php?go=files&viewfile=showfile&id=834 Best regards, Unbekannter.
  8. Having a similar problem with the British UK English keyboard. Console is traditionally Shift + ` for JK3, but it now registers both Shift + ` and Shift + ~ which completely prevents me from typing the ~ symbol.
  9. A server.cfg may be generated when you first run a multiplayer server. I would suggest that rather than run a Solo Game you run a local server using OpenJK Dedicated Server. You can make a shortcut to start this with JA++ and to also load your server config. There is another thread in this forum with some example configs, by Razor, Merek and myself. Each has different settings so you may want to take a look at the differences to figure out how you want things to behave. The link to the cvars Raz0r provided will certainly help with this. My target shortcut for example reads as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData\openjkded.x86.exe" +set net_port 29072 +set fs_game japlus +exec server.cfg
  10. I've provided my server config for you to look at below too, I have most of the JA++ cvars separate to the base JK ones so that I can find things easier to change, also most cvars are included even if I don't actually use them. You can find the bit calculator to change JA++ values on the JA++ website. I hope this helps in some way. //# Main Server Setting // seta sv_hostname "^0×^7Council of the L^5o^7st^0. ^7(JA++ Test Server)" seta g_motd "^0×^7Tranquility^0. ^0×^7Discipline^0. ^0×^7Obedience^0." seta sv_maxclients 18 seta japp_motd "^0×^7Council of the L^5o^7st^0. \n^0×^7Laming allowed^0. \n^0×^7This is not a clan^0. \n^0×^7Check out eff-clan.org^0." seta japp_motdTime 8 seta rconpassword "thisreallyismyrconpassword" seta g_gametype 0 seta sv_pure "0" seta sv_fps 30 seta sv_maxRate 25000 //[Connection Speed] / ([Num Clients] x 8 ) = [sv_maxrate] //# Master Servers // DO NOT CHANGE seta sv_master1 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com" seta sv_master2 "master.jkhub.org" seta sv_master3 "master.qtracker.com" seta sv_master4 "updatejk3.ravensoft.com" seta sv_master5 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com" //# Connections // seta g_banIPs "" seta sv_maxPing "0" seta sv_floodProtect "1" seta sv_reconnectlimit "10" seta g_inactivity 0 seta g_timeouttospec 0 seta g_forceClientUpdateRate 250 seta g_debugTrace 0 //# Logging // //seta g_log "games.log" //seta g_statLog "1" //seta g_statLogFile "stats.log" seta g_logAdmin 1 seta g_logClientInfo 1 seta g_logConsole 1 seta g_logFormat 1 seta g_logItemPickup 0 seta g_logSecurity 1 //# Force & Weapons // seta g_weaponDisable 524279 //# Saber Only. seta g_duelWeaponDisable 524279 //# Saber Only seta g_forcePowerDisable 0 seta g_maxForceRank 7 seta g_forceRegenTime "20" //# 200 Default. seta g_forceRegenTimeDuel "20" //# Saber Combat // seta d_saberSPStyleDamage 1 seta g_saberdamagescale 0.875 seta d_saberKickTweak 1 seta g_saberLocking 1 seta g_saberLockFactor 2 seta g_saberTraceSaberFirst 1 seta g_locationBasedDamage 1 seta g_saberwalldamagescale 1 //#seta g_saberDmgVelocityScale 0 seta g_friendlyfire 1 seta g_friendlySaber 1 seta g_slowmoDuelEnd 1 seta g_allowDuelSuicide 1 seta g_privateDuel 27 seta g_privateDuelHealth 100 seta g_privateDuelShield 100 seta g_duelShieldRestoreLevel 100 //# Physics // //seta g_gravity "800" //seta sv_timeout "300" //seta g_warmup "20" //seta g_doWarmup "0" seta g_teamAutoJoin 0 seta g_dismember "100" seta g_useWhileThrowing 1 seta g_armBreakage 1 seta g_enableBreath 1 seta g_enableDust 1 seta g_stepSlideFix 1 seta g_allowNPC 0 seta dmflags 0 seta g_debugMelee 1 seta g_debugTrace 0 //# Limitations // seta g_allowvote 24576 seta timelimit 60 seta fraglimit 00 seta capturelimit 00 seta duel_fraglimit "0" seta g_autoMapCycle 0 seta sv_allowdownload 0 seta g_siegeTeamSwitch 1 //# Removed Items // seta disable_item_medpak_instant 1 seta disable_item_medpak 1 seta disable_item_medpac 1 seta disable_item_shield_lrg_instant 1 seta disable_item_shield_sm_instant 1 seta disable_item_force_boon "1" seta disable_item_force_enlighten_light "1" seta disable_item_force_enlighten_dark "1" seta disable_item_sentry_gun "1" seta disable_item_ysalimari "1" seta disable_item_big_bacta "1" seta disable_item_bacta "1" seta disable_item_jetpack "1" seta disable_misc_shield_floor_unit "1" seta disable_misc_ammo_floor_unit "1" //# Bots // seta bot_minplayers 0 seta bot_honorableduelacceptance 1 seta bot_addDelay 300 seta bot_maxbots 0 //# JA++ Admin // seta japp_passRankConflicts 1 seta japp_slapDistance 100.0 seta japp_teleportBits 1 seta japp_ammapAnyGametype 1 //# JA++ // //# Players // seta japp_spawnWeaps 8 seta japp_chatProtection 1 seta japp_readyThreshold 0 seta japp_unlagged 1 seta japp_slideOnHead 0 seta japp_spawnActivateSaber 0 seta japp_scoreUpdateRate 1000 seta japp_showLaggingClients 1 seta japp_spawnHealth 125 seta japp_spawnArmor 100 //#Physics// seta g_jplua 1 seta pmove_msec 8 set pmove_fixed 0 seta pmove_float 0 seta pmove_overbounce 1 seta japp_vq3physics 0 seta japp_randFix 0 seta japp_removeOldMines 0 seta japp_scorePlums 0 //# seta japp_fixRoll 6 seta japp_fixRoll 6 seta japp_itemPush 1 //#Saber// seta japp_allowKata 1 seta japp_allowBusyAttack 1 seta japp_allowButterfly 1 seta japp_allowDFA 1 seta japp_allowSaberSwitch 1 seta japp_allowSPCartwheel 1 seta japp_allowStab 1 seta japp_allowToggleSpecialAttacks 0 seta japp_improveYellowDFA 0 seta japp_damageNotifications 0 seta japp_duelStats 1 seta japp_duelActivateSaber 0 //#Damages// seta japp_saberBlockChanceMin 0.0 seta japp_saberBlockChanceMax 1 // 0.75 seta japp_saberBlockChanceScale 0.1 // 0.5 seta japp_saberBlockStanceParity 1.5 // 3.0 // 2.0 seta japp_saberIdleDamage 1 //#seta japp_saberTweaks 249 (117) (85) seta japp_saberTweaks 100 //# 1 // Use SP style interpolation, also fix various small issues //# 2 // Allow damaging in wind-up and return animations //# 4 // Calculate deflection based on position rather than animation //# 8 // Tweak damages for Special Moves //# 16 // Use SP saber trace size or based off radius defined in .sab file //# 32 // Reduce chance of blocking based on Saber Stance //# 64 // Fix deflection bug when toggling second saber //# 128 // Nerf moves like roll-stab //#Force/Merc// seta japp_mercInfiniteAmmo 1 seta japp_weaponPickupAlways 0 seta japp_weaponRoll 0 seta japp_fixWeaponCharge 1 seta japp_accurateMuzzle 0 seta japp_shootFromEye 0 seta japp_itemDropStyle 1 seta japp_allowWeaponDrop 1 seta japp_empowerDrain 0 seta japp_allowForceCombo 1 seta japp_forceLightningDamage 1 seta japp_allowPushPullKnockdown 1 seta japp_allowWeaponPull 1 seta japp_gripHolsterSaber 0 seta japp_flipKick 1 seta japp_flipKickDamage 20 seta japp_flipKickKnockdown 1 seta jp_gripSpeedScale 0.8 //# Teams // seta g_teamForceBalance 3 seta g_jediVmerc "0" //# Jedi vs Merc seta japp_allowFlagDrop 1 seta japp_allowFlagPull 0 seta japp_suicideDropFlag 0 seta japp_instagib 0 seta japp_promode 0 seta japp_speedCaps 0 //#Allows// seta japp_allowVoiceChat 0 seta japp_allowEmotes 1 seta japp_allowHook 0 seta japp_hookSpeed 0 seta japp_allowJetpack 0 seta japp_allowLedgeGrab 0 seta japp_alwaysSpawnPowerups 0 seta japp_allowFallSuicide 1 seta japp_fallToDeathInstant 0 //#Protection// seta japp_antiFakePlayer 1 seta japp_antiUserinfoFlood 1 seta japp_charRestrictRGB 0 seta japp_crashHandler 1 seta japp_maxConnPerIP 3 seta japp_pauseTime 120 seta japp_unpauseTime 5 seta jp_cinfo 0 seta japp_userinfoValidate "805306367" //# Map Launch // set m1 "map mp/ffa3;set nextmap vstr m1" set m2 "map kotor_dantooine_enclave;set nextmap vstr m3" set m3 "map ffa_korac;set nextmap vstr m4" set m4 "map arevass;set nextmap vstr m5" set m5 "map arrevanous7;set nextmap vstr m6" set m6 "map templeoftheelders;set nextmap vstr m7" set m7 "map thelosttemple_ffa;set nextmap vstr m8" set m8 "map duel_water;set nextmap vstr m9" set m9 "map oasistemple;set nextmap vstr m10" set m10 "map tatooine_beta_6;set nextmap vstr m2" vstr m1
  11. Hello all. Edit: Just realised I posted in General instead of Tech Support, sorry! I know there have been numerous posts like this in the past as I've just spent some time reading them, however, I've not been able to resolve this problem through them. I decided today that it was time for me to update my clientside and serverside from JA+ 2.4 to JA++ however, since removing all the JA+ files and placing the JA++ ones into my GameData/japlus folder I am getting constant VM_Create errors when trying to load the mod. This is both through trying to load a dedicated server .bat and loading the mod through the multiplayer game as well as +set fs_game The specific errors seem to differ slightly - on creating the dedicated server I get a VM error that reads - "Loading dll file jampgame. Failed to load dll, looking for qvm. Loading vm file vm/jampgame.qvm. Failed. VM_Create game failed." As for loading clientside - "Loading dll file ui. Failed to load dll, looking for qvm.Loading vm file vm/ui.qvm.Failed.VM_Create on UI failed" Further potentially important information - I'm running Windows 8.1 and this is through the Steam version of Jedi Academy (although it has run JA+ and base perfectly fine) I'm also not entirely sure what compile of JA++ I'm running as I cannot compile it myself I sourced a version from a much younger thread. Thanks and best,Daniel
  12. Hello all, this isn't quite a link from Filefront that I'm looking for, but, it's a file that was circulated on Jedi Academy long, long ago. The Wraith Blade version of the Soul Reaver from Legacy of Kain which was previously posted here: http://web.archive.org/web/20080625230801/http://www.force-temple.com/jk3/index.php?go=files&viewfile=showfile&id=834 Nowadays as this site like many others have all but gone the way of the dinosaur I am taking the chance that someone perhaps has it. On this note I also have a few files recovered from an old CD I found that are no longer available, namely Yavin Palace which was on PC Game Mods, among some old ExJK maps. Thanks and best, Daniel
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