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The OpenJK Config HDD Path


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Why is the Config redirected to C:\%user%\Documents ? I dont play in a Domain/ Network Enviroment.

Exists a Commandline switch to avoid to save the Config in  C:\%user%\Documents\OpenJK. Personally i hate this that all config saves go C:\Users\>different places< from hundred of games.



If i in windowed mode and change the Customheight and -width in the Console from 4:3 (1280x768) to 16:9 (1920x1080) and return this with vid_restart: OpenJK crasht

There a always show white loading Screens in 16:9 format and the Videos are stretched in 16:9. The 2D Objects (Crosshair, Ammo etc..) are stretched in 16:9. sad this is always not fixed.

If i type in the console a '2' or '8' with numpad/numblock it clears the actual line.



Is this really a stable Replacement for JKA or should i use the Original version 1.01  from Raven?


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1. It's done that way to prevent issues on launch when not running as administrator. If you would like to change this, add this to the commanfline:

+set fs_homepath "Your directory here"


2. This is an issue with the original game and requires editing of the files, which goes beyond the scope of OpenJK.


3. Try with munlock off? Could be a hardware issue on your end. Either way, it wouldn't make the line "disappear," rather it's acting as an arrow up/arrow down signal.

In many ways the OpenJK console is improved; some of the new features include scrolling with the scroll wheel and proper tab completion (including tab completion with devmap).

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Thanks for the Replay :)


1. huh, :woot: , great. I don install my games on C:\Programs. Because the Right Management System. Set fs_homepath .\ works :winkthumb:






2. Which  files ?


3. I tried with numlock off and on. I think is  a VK_numpad2 and VK_numpad8 vs VK_Up / VK_Down api thing

I'm not a Coder. .I dont see a VK_NUMPAD8/2 detail in the Source. Could try:

   case VK_NUMPAD2


   case VK_NUMPAD8

   case VK_UP
   // scroll up: arrow-up
   case VK_DOWN
   // scroll up: arrow-up

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The numpad keys seems to be a bug in SP.  I assume it happened in base as well, we haven't changed any of the keys code there.


Brought over the change from MP.




I don't get crashes when changing the resolution at the main menu via console?  You should probably avoid using vid_restart when running the game due to the separated renderer module can cause issues like that still.

The white screen is unlikely to go away, we fixed every other case of it but it just doesn't go away.  Cinematics and 2d are actually drawn at 640x480.  And rendered at your resolution.  Requires changes to mod code for 2d, cinematics were adjusted to be that way on purpose.

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