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^You sound like you're getting too hung up on the details like me haha.


Anyway, how are you going to do all this stuff? Heavy ent-modding? I'm curious...

Ent-modding, yeah. I did a bunch of ent-modding for that JK2: Uncut mod to make it work in JKA. If I'm inclined, I might modify the maps to have more point_combats and waypoints in order for more tactical AI. There's tons of flags on point_combats in particular which aren't used.


I think snipers are kind of needed on the streets. There are so many distant areas where they would fit in. But I'm all for adding the Trandoshans in.


I actually wouldn't mind the Trandoshans to have Concussion rifles again. Like they did in DFII and Dark Forces. I'd really like Outcast and Academy to reflect back to the prior ones.

Might make things very difficult/easy though.

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