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Not sure if this would be of any interest, but I've assembled a collection of mods over the years that seek to improve the default look of some of the key NPCs in the JKA story mode and bring them closer to a Star Wars film look. To use these models in this project we would need to ask for permission of course, but I thought I'd mention it here in case there's interest.


The NPCs replaced are Alora, Kyle, Luke, and Rosh. This way Rosh stays whiny, but at least he looks like an annoying Star Wars character -- and not some punk with circus clothes and gelled hair. The same goes for Alora.


Let me know if there's interest and I'll try to get some screens up.

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(Okay, it looks like my Internet was kind to me this time.)


I'm uploading only one, optimised image because of my current unfortunate 64k predicament… :/


But these are the models/skins:




I'm not sure if any of them are already available here at JKHub. You'll know that better than I do.

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