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Recent Feature Add (from teh): Server-side client demo recording


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We've added a record feature to the server which literally records a demo for specified client or (all non-bots).  Which means you get a demo from that clients perspective which is basically identical to the one they would generate locally with /record except you don't have to rely on them providing it.



/svrecord <filename> (optional client index)  only works if auto demos are off.

/svstoprecord (optional client index)


USE WITH CAUTION: (Need lots of storage and probably upload to keep them off the main server itself)


sv_autoDemo - 0/1 Toggle (default off) auto demo recording of human players.

sv_autoDemoBots - 0/1 If above is turned on, also record bots

sv_autoDemoMaxMaps - Adjust how many maps, demos will be kept (default 0, probably should set if turning auto record on)


Credits to teh 1337

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I assume that it doesn't require g_synchronousClients, as it generates the demos for you, as opposed to requiring clients be totally precise in ent/player state, rather than predicting things?


How does this hold up in legacy scenarios, such as MB2, and situations where data can be slightly incorrect (or possibly more correct), like Lugormod/Makermod where you don't need a client?


How does it handle differences in fs_game? How does it handle mods such as JA+, JA++ and OJP that have optional client-side components? If I were to watch a demo in these mods, would it only work if I had the client? Or would the clientside not be necessary? Or would it crash?


I assume there's no chance for malicious demos?


Is OpenJK required to watch serverside demos?


Going back from the synchronous clients thing...what happens with spectator following if you don't have synchronus clients? Is PVS ignored on serverside/synchronous demos? (not too familiar with demos)

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