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Master List of Changes


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Here is a complete list of what has been changed in the mod thus far, in no particular order

  • All of the standard OpenJK fixes.
  • 35+ new cvars, all of which are detailed here.
  • Text crawl music has been improved. It is now hacked to run in stereo audio as well.
  • Crosshair is corrected for aspect ratio (not stretched)
  • New fonts
  • weapons.dat changed into a .json file which can be switched via g_weaponFile cvar.
  • First person weapons can now use .GLM properly.
  • Added in SFX sabers (similar looking blades to EOC, MB2, JA++, ...)
  • Numerous AI changes, all documented here.
  • Angelscript coding system, which allows modders to change weapon behavior (and maybe force powers and HUD) without altering the actual code underneath.

Currently queued changes (not in my development build):

  • JK2 skeleton has been merged with JKA skeleton. (@@DT85)
  • New weapon models for the Disruptor rifle, Imperial pistol (which may or may not become a usable weapon at some point), Bowcaster, and Flechette (@@Silverfang, @@Resuru)
  • New graphics for binoculars
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