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My SP mod

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We'll have to communicate a little more then. Since I'm adding animations and you have some values changed we'll need to share notes.


Right right. I have a .gla too in the latest version to fix an animation bug but we might be able to work around that.

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Well you see for the walk backwards animations for sabers, I wanted to use the forward-walk ones played in reverse, because the forward ones for duals and single held up the saber in a guard-like stance correctly making it easier to block, whereas the staff animation was already the forwards one played in reverse.


However JA has a bug where animations played in reverse easily get "stuck", so in Dragon I manually reversed the animations and ported them back into the game with the animations reversed playing forward, so the bug was fixed.

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I'd rather have seperate runs and walks, both forward and backward, for each style. It's easy to make runs and walks that match up with a stance. If we turn off the upper part of the walk it may look unnatural. The upper body would be static, or breathing, while the lower body was running and walking.

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