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All hello =)  I apologize that I create a separate topic at a forum.  Simply I didn't decide to write anywhere.  Thanks for fine modes.  The set of fixes only pleases.  But I want you to ask, itself, I, unfortunately, in scripts am not strong, but I ask, I beg, on a lap!!!  Repair please all confidential weapon.  At me it turned out to replace the java gun model and its firerate but it would be desirable that the weapon it would be possible to use, lift, (rush) =).  At least that which is located in hands, (not about turrets).  It would open new opportunities for a modding and additional arms.  (I by the way replaced Demp2 with DC-15s) Thank you that listened (read), forgive for my English.  I write by means of the translator.

Thank you!

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I forgot to add. Force mindtrick 4. The jump button quits now the controlled. And how to make a jump then? To pretend them from the first person. To make normal speed of relocation a step. To add iknowkungfu as melee2 or to replace (and let it is selected to the left and to the right) (granboxer will be happy). To make hundred hostile NPC could switch to other purposes even if there is a player.
It will add realism if to make to itself NPC. And just in scripts works = (

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eh. such scope opens. I am a pity I don't know programming languages. x) Well it is fine. I ask forgiveness for subject creation. simply I was delighted in. That there was a wish for that really useful to JKA. Continue in the same direction =) Good luck to you, an easy way and yes there will arrive with you force. Always! =\^w^/=

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You don't need to know any kinda programming language to make the translations; if you copy the files from Strings/English (in assets1.pk3) into Strings/Russian (make a new folder and then put this stuff into a PK3) and then translate the stuff, you can simply do "/se_language Russian" (in the console). Be very careful to not use any Unicode characters as these will cause the game to throw an assertion failure.

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We have some versions of the translation.  In total - shit.
At present I work over the modification and a good high-quality translation. (Your surname of Skywalker sounds much more pleasantly than our FULL translation) Nobody can understand why subtitlings (Talks of Stormtoopers, mercenaries, followers of Ragnos) All remaining words work, even it was succeeded to transfer subtitlings from JO.

In settings so: Text:English Voice: English Subtitles: none or cinematics. In modifications I noted the subtitles:ALL setup. How to add it?

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Heeey! Fox found an error!
I found it in the ingamesetup.menu and setup.menu file!!!


            name                voice
            group                options
                  type                ITEM_TYPE_MULTI
            text                @MENUS_SUBTITLES
            cvar                "g_subtitles"
                @MENUS_NONE        0  
                @MENUS_IN_CINEMATICS    2
//                @MENUS_ALL_VOICEOVERS    1



delete // - What to be happy



and shadows



            name                shadows
            group                video2
                  type                ITEM_TYPE_MULTI
            text                @MENUS_SHADOWS
            descText            @MENUS_SHADOWS_DESC
            cvar                "cg_shadows"
                @MENUS_NONE                0
                @MENUS_SHADOWS_SIMPLE        1
                @MENUS_SHADOWS_VOLUMETRIC    2
//                "Projected"        3



replace on

                @MENUS_SHADOWS_VOLUMETRIC    2
                @MENUS_SHADOWS_PROJECTED    3

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