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Suggestion for OpenJK - footsteps


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Something I really miss is the possibility to change out some of the "standard" sounds/animations/effects/things without replacing the originals. So that maps can modify more aspects of the game without having consequences for the base game.


A bit more concrete though (pun possibly intended): I'd like the possibility to easily assign footstep sounds to surfaces. It could be done in shaders, with a keyword and a path to the soundfile which would replace the footsteps sounds on that particular surface.

What do you think about this?

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Sounds about as much effort as just making a separate PK3 and importing sound files of your choosing into it, using the same default names as the sound files shipped with the game. If you are going to have to pack a bunch of new sounds and go through the trouble of ensuring that other people have them, might as well be a straight up replacement of defaults. Just don't see the benefits.

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What I had in mind was a change of code, in openJK, to allow for custom sounds. Shadzy, for realism I guess. For more possibilities for mappers.

MoonDog, really not sure what you mean here.


My point is that I don't want to replace original defaults. People shouldn't have to worry about having files or not in their base folder when playing certain player made maps. I'm talking about an extension in the code (common for everyone), which allows mappers to specify the path to sounds to play on certain surfaces - thus controlled in shaders.


JK has a very limited amount of possibilities on footstep sounds. With this addition, a mapper could deal out "grass" footsteps on grass surfaces, "snow" on snowy surfaces, x for y surfaces and so on, and if bothered, even switch out all the default ones with original ones - with no consequences other than added space of the mp3s/wavs in the pk3 file. Which is a benefit in my eyes!

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