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On the subject of q3mme in general


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I noted that q3mme has support for stuff like framebuffers and so forth. Do these only take effect when playing back a demo? Some of the effects are rather nice, and I'd like to see about integrating them into more mods. However if they only work for demos, I don't think it would be very useful to me.


This mod looks really awesome though ent, keep up the good work. :)

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Hi, eezstreet.

Some effects work directly in game, some - only visible in outputs. Framebuffer object is used to capture in higher resolution and capture motion blur much faster. Also it has own anti-aliasing that works only if FBOis enabled. I don't know what you need some features for. I think FBO is useful only if you gonna capture. Maybe I don't know much, so those who sees I am telling something wrong can explain better maybe.

Most features are portable, except time control I think (not sure how and why would people even need time contol on server).


For more information you can ask CaNaBiS from q3mme crew. He is a lead programmer. You can find him on #moviemaking irc @quakenet network.

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Using a framebuffer object, one can attach a fragment shader which can handle the motion blur and antialiasing, among other things.

For q3mme I suspect that the scene is getting rendered onto an oversized FBO (perhaps multiple if multiple effects are applied), which has a number of different fragment shaders applied to them, and then the output video is the result of these FBOs. These FBOs are done offscreen in order to not occlude the viewing space.

I suspect that's what q3mme does. My knowledge of how the renderer works is very hazy, and perhaps @@Raz0r can explain more as he's done this sort of thing before (or maybe @@Xycaleth or @@Scooper).

I'm interested in the way q3mme handles antialiasing and motion blur, as well as the other effects, and I was interested in maybe applying these effects in real-time. Of course, I wouldn't know very much about the renderer, but I'm trying to get more familiar with it.

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