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Windows 11 sound issues openjk

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Does anyone else have sound that lags on Windows 11?  I just installed openJK and the sound in the main menu is just very bad, there's a major delay, and sometimes the audio cuts completely, like the sound effects are incomplete. Sometimes they don't play at all. I posted this on https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/issues/798  so if relevant parties want to comment there, feel free! Like I said on GitHub, I did not bother going any further because first impressions and all that, I'm going to assume the game is broken!

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If you recall EAX is disabled by default even on retail Jedi Academy. At least on my copies it's never on by default. No, EAX isn't enabled. On x64 it's greyed out, i.e. not even an option.

Likewise using EAX downgrades audio to 22Khz, and I want to use 44Khz.

If you don't have broken SFX, are you on Windows 10 or 11? I'm also trying to get to the bottom of this in GitHub, it' proving to be quite a challenge...

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I seem to have figured out the problem. If you launch singleplayer, and open any of the menus or click any of the buttons (even just hovering over them) the audio cuts off. Easiest way to reproduce is to just hit tab to look at mission objectives in SP. It's not a problem of audio quality, quality is fine, it's the menus that are somehow breaking up the audio.

Weirdest thing is in multiplayer the problem doesn't exist, so if you only play MP you won't experience what I'm talking about.

Another MP bug that I found is in a bot game if you disable force and weapons they still spawn with force and weapons... while in retail jamp.exe it works as it should.

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