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Progress Report: August 2023

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Since we just released an update, this will be a short one.


First off I want to quickly thank you all for your support during the development of the previous update. Though we unfortunately had to release a few hotfixes (which often seems inevitable with this stuff), I think we can officially close the book on this update and look to the future and begin planning for our next content update!

Myself and my fellow leads are currently discussing what we want to bring to Galactic Legacy in our next update, and though we're not comfortable revealing everything, we still want to prioritize bringing in new missions and features we've promised for some time. Currently our list of new additions is this:

  • Father vs. Son remake
  • Episode I Escape from Theed campaign
  • Dynamic Weapon System
  • And perhaps more!


Though we're excited to bring you this next update, mental health is more important. So during the month of September I will be taking a break from developing for the mod. This previous update was unfortunately surrounded by a ton of personal drama and I need some time to heal and prevent burnout.

Though I'll be putting my side of development to rest, don't think that I'll be going anywhere. I'll still be available on our Discord server and will still be around moddb, jkhub, and YouTube to answer comments and the like, I just won't be developing.

Lwkill, our amazing mapper, has been hard at work with his own projects, including the Escape from Theed campaign, and we're very excited to show off what he's done in the next report.

There are other projects being worked on by other members of the team; so we should still have a progress report for September.

On my end however, I will resume development at the end of September with the debut of that month's progress report.


We would like to hear from you on which direction we take this mod in the next update, so we've created a new community feedback form. We'd also like to hear from you regarding your experiences with the remake of Operation: Knightfall, so please fill out the form and let us know your thoughts. All responses are completely anonymous, so be as brutally honest as you would like.


Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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