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Kyle's Iknowkungfu but actually....

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Hey everyone!

I've been thinking on how to add Kyle's signature kung fu moves to player at some stage of the map via code.

Now I know I can use the cheat "Iknowkungfu", but I want it to be done differently: scripted at level start in a code. The "WP_MELEE" simply doesn't work that way. It only adds punches, but no kick. Is there another way then?

affect ( "player", FLUSH )

Also another request: I know the Kyle Boss with his lightsaber is hard coded, but if I spawn him through code he never uses his moves. But if I spawn him through cheat "Npc spawn Kyle_boss" then he uses his moves frequently (pulls away player's saber, kungfu kicks and punches around...)

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So the "code-less" workaround would actually be to utilize the cvar g_debugmelee 1, you can have it set in your menu on startup so it's impossible to miss. 

Also if you want another npc to use Kyle's melee attacks, make sure their npc class is CLASS_KYLE and they have the "1" spawnflag activated in their npc spawner.

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